2 New Live Blackjack from Pragmatic Play

When players visit their favorite online casinos, they all have different preferences for gameplay. Many players are slots game enthusiasts while others like the excitement of the live table games. These games bring more of the action that is very similar to the land-based casinos into the player’s own comfort zone. Live table games include Blackjack, Poker Hold´em, and more. One of the industry’s leading software providers has taken table games to another level. Pragmatic Play is a developer of many of the slots games, and table game offerings in online casinos. They are among the top providers of popular casino games.

Pragmatic Play Ltd is regulated and licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and the Malta Gaming Authority. They have recently launched a new live Blackjack game that is considered the fastest on the market. They are continuously making expansions to their live casino offers. They introduced two new live Blackjack tables that have very unique features. This includes the Auto Stand, and the Deal Now features which lessens the game duration by 25%. The player has less time to wonder about the next card that comes up and can increase the number of games that a player enjoys.

Pragmatic Play is a leading provider of multi-products to the industry and has been steadily improving and expanding their live casino offerings since their launch. The Auto Stand is a unique feature in the world of online casinos. This feature allows the game to be much faster, and the player will be able to set a minimum value of points for the cards, and the system automatically selects the Stand option for the cards when they reach the respective value. So, when a payer reaches a certain amount of point, that hand will auto stand after the minimum point value.

The Deal Now feature gives players more control of the tables. This feature optimizes the betting time. With this feature, players have the opportunity to end the betting time just as soon as all the players at the table have finished placing their bets. The early decision feature allows players to select options for their hands without having to wait for their turn to play. The time is visibly optimized for choosing the required option desired.

Pragmatic Play has been busy signing many significant Live Casino deals with some of the major online casino operators over the last few weeks. Their Live Casino offerings are considered the most exciting, and modern in the market. The advent of their new Blackjack features makes the company delighted to be able to strengthen their specific market. Pragmatic Play caters to all of a casino’s Blackjack needs with the addition of the two new Blackjack features at the tables. They can meet the needs of everyone from the casual player to those who go for the big game at the high roller tables.

These innovative and exciting products are available to all operator partners of Pragmatic Play so that the players can take advantage of better opportunities to win at their favorite table game. Only the best of the best is provided by the top software providers in the industry, and Pragmatic Play has to lead the way with the new features of the familiar Blackjack tables. All of the thrills and gaming action found in brick and mortar casinos can now be accessed at online casinos with the same reality, and entertaining experience.