Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games

The rise of the internet has dramatically revolutionised how casino games are played. Today, players need not leave the comfort of their homes to enjoy the same experience they have always loved in bricks and mortar casinos. Live casino games are now delivered over an internet connection.

These games are available using a live stream which the player activates from his or her end on the casino’s website. By creating an account, the player opens up the possibility of seeing the casino dealer live in real time, as he deals card and table games. Players can play these games and win real money.

Live Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the casino games which houses have rolled out generously on a live model; players have embraced it with equal enthusiasm. Gambling houses offer different forms of roulette to players in different regions, but the European version with a single zero remains the most popular.

The game of roulette is played using the same rules as those which would apply in a bricks and mortar casino. Players can bet on one number, several numbers or the ball coming to a stop on a particular colour (red or black). Like any other casino game, live roulette is based on fast rounds.

Live Blackjack Online

Blackjack involves playing against the house in a game whose aim is to hit 21 before the dealer or have them exceed 21 in additional cards. Each side (the dealer and the player) is dealt with two cards, which are then compared face up to determine whether the game ends or continues.

Ordinarily, blackjack is played from one deck which contains 52 cards. However, to ensure the game moves fast without stopping to shuffle cards, several decks are usually shuffled together and placed in a shoe. The game’s rules are similar to the same ones that would be found in a regular casino, with variations from house to house.

Live Poker Online

Although ordinary poker would usually involve individuals playing against each other, live online poker usually pits different players against the house. The house kicks off the game by betting an ante, then individual punters follow through by making their own subsequent bets. All cards are dealt face down to each player.

Online poker is one game whose rules vary significantly from the real-life version. Instead of playing clockwise, for instance, the players bet at the same time against the dealer. As technology advances, however, it might be possible for a video model which pits players against each other to be established.

Live Casino Games

Live Baccarat Online

Baccarat is one of the most accessible and fastest online games to play. It is a card comparing game which depends on luck, rather than skill or strategy. The game aims are to bet on the hand that achieves a sum of nine or closest (8) first.

Players bet on other players, the banker or a tie. Each card (2-9) carries its actual value, the ace is equal to one, and other cards are worth zero. One card is dealt at a time face up, starting with a player until each hand has two cards. Where the sum exceeds nine, the last digit counts.