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What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Live Dragon Tiger is an online version of one of the easiest card comparing games which are played through the use of internet-connected devices on the player’s end. Devices such as tablets, PCs and mobile phones are used to stream the action taking place in the casino as it happens.
The game takes the same fashion as that of the bricks-and-mortar casino version. Players bet on the winning card and place a stake. The dealer then draws cards from the shuffled shoe and announces winners and losers. The game is loved by online players because of the speed with which a round is completed.

Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger

The aim of the Dragon Tiger game is to guess correctly which card will get a higher return; the one dealt to the Dragon hand or that which is dealt to the Tiger hand. If the return is a tie, each bet loses half its value.
Players do not handle cards. Instead, the dealer draws cards from a shoe comprising of between one and eight decks. Casinos use multiple decks which are shuffled together to reduce the frequency of shuffling cards. Cards carry the same value Jokers, and wild cards are not part of the shuffled decks.

Basic Strategy of Dragon Tiger

Although Dragon Tiger is in many ways a game of chance, card dealers in their element are always trying to look for ways to beat the system. Since cards in the shoe are shuffled together, many players feel that they can predict outcomes by following trends.
Streak bettors, therefore, choose to chase losses with the aim of beating the system in advanced rounds. They usually begin by betting small and raising their stake every time they lose. This enables them to recover losses with a single win, after which they reduce the stake and start betting small again.

History of Dragon Tiger

There is scanty information regarding the early days of Dragon Tiger. Perhaps owing to the simplicity and fun nature of the game, no one thought it necessary to claim ownership or document early sessions of it. The consensus, however, indicates that the game began in Cambodia.
The South Eastern Asian nation of Cambodia is famous for its artistic professions, and it is probably out of these that the game of Dragon Tiger emerged. The comparison of the Dragon and the Tiger, two animals which are regarded with awe in Asia, was just the ideal way to pay tribute to the creatures.

Play Dragon Tiger in Ireland

Dragon Tiger wasn’t always the most popular game in casinos around Ireland. However, the influx of Asian high rollers, as they grew their business empires, popularised the game in the members-only playing houses. The casinos then saw the opportunity to promote the game among their online audiences.
Online and live dealer players in Ireland have readily embraced the game of Dragon Tiger for two reasons. One, it is easy to grasp and can be played by beginners with little knowledge of card and casino games. Two, the game is fast moving, and thus players can win money in a very short time.