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What is Live Roulette Online?

Live Roulette Online is a version of the classic wheel game which is played online, with players seeing the dealer’s activities in the casino in real time, as if they were physically present. The players play against the house and bet on the usual outcomes of roulette.
The live version of the game uses a video stream to enable players to get a virtual view of the croupier’s activity. The player’s internet connection strength is a vital aspect which determines how well they are able to enjoy the betting experience. Players stake and win real money through their existing accounts.

The Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel is the table on which players’ bets are determined. It is divided into 36 pockets with arithmetic labelling and a green pocket with a zero label. At the centre of the wheel is a movable axis, from which it is rotated once a game is underway.
There is a raging debate over the presence of magnets on the roulette wheel. Typically, it is not a standard practice to have a magnet on the wheel. The wheel should be made of one material, and be free of any kind of rigging. Some unsanctioned casinos may, however, use underhand tactics to rig their wheels.

About American Roulette

.American roulette is a version of the spinning game where the wheel has two zero slots; the zero and the double zero. The extra zero slot increases the number of partitions from 36 to 38. The numbers 0 to 36 are written on the black/white slots, while the zeros are labelled on green slots.
The extra zero on the American roulette wheel significantly raises the house edge, capping it at slightly over 5%. Gamblers thus frown upon the American version of the game, but this has not stopped many casinos from adopting American themed boards in their playing premises. The tables are now more widespread than their European counterparts.

About European Roulette

The European version of roulette is pretty much similar to the American wheel in terms of colours and numbering. The slight variation is that this one has just one slot with a zero label. Insignificant as it may seem, this little variation can have a great effect on the outcome of a spin.
The European wheel reduces the house edge significantly, making it easier for players to win or keep their losing streaks down. Players, therefore, prefer this version of the game, which was universally used before the American wheel was introduced. It is most popular in Monte Carlo, where the traditional form of the game abides.

Play Live Roulette in Ireland

Gambling at land-based casinos has always been a tricky affair. This is because the Gaming Act, which dates back to 1956, technically outlaws casino gaming. However, with a little window that allows members-only clubs to offer gambling services, many gamers have been able to enjoy casino games.
The rise of online gaming has dramatically revolutionised the game of roulette in Ireland. Gamers were initially able to access the games from offshore casinos without breaking the law. The country reacted by legalising online gaming, making it possible for casinos to seek licenses to operate legally in the country.

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