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What is Live Three Card Poker?

Live three card poker is the online version of the relatively young adaptation of poker which is played with three cards. It is referred to as ‘live’ because remotely located players can see the action of the dealer who conducts the game from the casino.
Several players can line up at a time to play live three card poker, each trying their luck against the dealer’s hand. The game retains the same structure as that used in land-based casinos. Unlike many card games, three-card poker is played with a single deck of 52 cards, which is shuffled after every round of play.

Basic Rules of Three Card Poker

The objective of this game is to obtain a hand known as a ‘queen high’ and beat the dealer or house. Since players do not play against each other, there can be a virtually unlimited number of players at a table in any one round of play.
Players begin this game by placing an ante wager, after which each player is dealt three cards face down. The player then decides to fold or continue playing by placing a ‘play’ wager. Once the play wager is placed, the hands are compared, with winners collecting 1 to 1 payouts for both play and ante wagers.

Basic Strategy of Three Card Poker

The strategy of live three card poker is guided by the type of cards a player is dealt. Since this is a fast-moving game, one has to decide whether to play or fold, quickly. Folding is often the safest option, but not always the smartest.
Only fold when the hand is extremely low, and there is no chance of winning. Otherwise, always place a play wager. Keep it small if the combination of the cards is too low. Some people use betting twice on a game, a pair/plus and play/ante wager, as a strategy to keep win and loss rates even.

History of Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a relatively young version of the game, having been established in 1994. It was the idea of one Derek Webb, who sought to introduce a version of poker which was easy and well paying to attract players, yet with a good edge to convince casinos to offer it.
Derek went on to patent the idea in 1997, before embarking on a marketing campaign in the UK and the US. A Mississippi casino first adopted the game, after rejection in Las Vegas. Over the years, it gained relative popularity and has recently been approved for an online gaming version.

Play Three Card Poker in Ireland

In its early days of land-based play, three card poker did not receive a very warm reception in Ireland. The then weaker model, coupled with Ireland’s members-only casino regulations, were a significant hindrance. It never was considered a popular casino game in the country.
Three card poker has, however, gained relative redemption with the advent of online gaming. The model opened the landscape to players who may not have accessed land-based casinos for one reason or another. The fact that the game is offered online means that players can access it from foreign-based casinos, even when it is not provided locally.