Gambling Law is Being Reconsidered in the UK

Great Britain announced that it wants to reconsider and, if necessary, revise the existing gambling law. One reason is that the current law dates back to 2005 and thus does not address the current situation at all. Although the government wants to take several months for the review, there is already some information about what could change.

Player Protection to be Increased

One reason why the existing law is to be reviewed and, if necessary, changed is player protection.

This comes too short at the moment, because in 2005, the position of online casinos was not yet recognized.

In addition, 16-year-olds in Great Britain were already allowed to buy a scratch ticket or submit a lottery ticket.

In this area, the age should be raised to 18.

This is another reason why many online gambling providers now include scratch cards and lotteries in their range.

It is not surprising that such a decision does not go down well with the operators of gambling portals.

Some of these see no reason at all to raise the minimum age, while others ask for a lead time of one year.

To date, it has come through that there could possibly be two solutions: For online offers, the minimum age will be raised immediately; for on-site lotteries, it could take some time.

Advertising and Sponsoring also Affected

Apart from the increase in player safety, advertising for the games of chance is also to be revised.

This also sounds logical when there were much fewer or no online casinos in 2005.

Now, it is also necessary to reconsider how the advertising on the Internet and on the site of online casinos could look like.

Possibly Great Britain orients itself at other countries: In Spain, advertising for gambling is now only broadcast at night, while in Sweden the bonuses have been significantly reduced.

However, a reduction in bonuses only increases player safety at a second glance: anyone who uses a bonus must deposit a corresponding amount beforehand.

In addition, turnover conditions must always be achieved.

This automatically extends the time spent playing and increases the incentive to deposit again.

In terms of sponsorship, the experts also see a danger: If the teams of various sports continue to be equipped with jerseys by the casinos and bookmakers, advertising automatically takes place.

However, this advertising is not only seen by adults or spectators in the stadium.

The sponsorship is already seen by children when the games are broadcast on TV.

A feature on Sky clearly shows that clubs earn millions from sponsorship.

If this income were to be restricted, there would be serious criticism.

Stake Limit Could Come

According to rumors, the betting limit for various games and slot machines could also be coming.

Until now, people were allowed to bet 100 pounds per game round in the UK.

However, since 2019, there has been a betting limit of 2 pounds on fixed-odds betting terminals.

Possibly, this limit will be extended to slot machines in online casinos and sports betting.

To ensure player safety at the highest level, it could also happen that the players themselves are more strictly checked.

For example, players will have to prove that they are playing with their own money and have not taken out a loan.

Furthermore, players might have to prove that they have a sufficient credit rating.

Should all this come to pass, the gambling industry fears that the opposite will happen: players could migrate to illegal providers.

With these, there are no regulations regarding a betting limit or bonuses.

If that were to happen, there would be no player protection at all.

Legal online casinos would also have to contend with lower sales.

Likewise, the state would also lose tax revenue.

The illegal providers are guaranteed not to pay any tax in the UK.

However, that the current law must be revised is definitely certain.

This is the only way to increase security in online casinos.

However, the new rules should not be too strict.

Casinoble Author Roman Vogdt

Roman Vogdt

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