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  There is live gambling, then there is online gaming. They are two very different experiences, until now. What if it were possible to blend the two? What if it were possible to blur the line between fiction and reality? With NetEnt, this has become possible and the possibilities are endless. The digital solutions offered by NetEnt will put the player in the Casino, no matter where they are.

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NetEnt is focused on creating the best mobile live gaming. There is a certain feel one gets when placing their chips on the roulette table. The wheel spins, the ball rolls and the anticipation builds. But wait, the player is getting a gut feeling on the next number, but the ball is already rolling. In a real-life casino, the player would have the chance to drop some chips on that number he or she just knows is coming up next. This was not possible online in the past, but thanks to Net Ent’s technology, now it is. Place that bet during the spin and collect the winnings after. Players can also decide on the view of the game that they wish to experience and can switch between different views of the action.

Like NetEnt Live Roulette, NetEnt Live Blackjack is full of options for the player. The real-time action will make the player feel so much like they are in a casino, that the player may be looking for that cocktail waitress after a while. The quality and features of this game raise the bar for the industry. Players will enjoy features like seeing the history of the dealer’s hands. Different table limits and many tables will make it, so every player can find what they are looking for.

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NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack literally brings the world together with many currencies and numerous player all in play at once. No players are left out with no limit on how many players can be at a table.

Players will love Perfect Blackjack makes it possible for a smart player to increase their odds of winning. This game moves quickly due to the automation of the dealing of the cards. Players can make certain decisions ahead of time, such as what to do when you are dealt 2 of the same cards.

Need help with Marketing? NetEnt Live Rewards is there. This tool will help you create the best promotions to keep those players loyally returning to your brand. The creation and implementation of the promotions are made easy, and the options are numerous. It takes very little time to get a campaign going and players can be rewarded with cash or other options right away.NetEnt has thought of everything to help your operation succeed. From the providing the best player experiences through technology that brings them a true casino experience to helping to create marketing campaigns and promotions, NetEnt offers superior quality and services.



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