Live Casino in your Mobile?

Casinos the world over have embraced technology to bring the gambling experience as close to their clients as possible. This has been made even more realistic by the rise of live dealers, a video streaming option which allows players to see real-time casino action on their device screens.
Live dealership has been adapted for mobile phones with highly responsive websites, and are able to fit on whatever device screen that players are using. The site is also made light so that it loads quickly. This makes them ideal for mobile phones, which may have signal disruptions as users move from place to place.

Live Casino Games?

Games which are dealt on a live model are usually those that are played at tables, boards, and wheels, which includes dice, card and ball games. The reason for this is that these are the games that include the services of a croupier; the dealer who is seen on video.
Games which are included in live casino catalogues include blackjack, roulette, Sic Bo, Texas Hold ‘Em, and baccarat among others. These are usually fast-paced games, where a single round does not last more than just a few minutes. In these games, players compete against the house rather than against each other.

Live Casino Apps

Casinos offer their live dealership on either one or two models; download and instant play. Instant play is where players can play games directly from the website on a web browser such as Google Chrome. All they need to is sign up, and begin playing with a deposit or no-deposit bonus.
Download play, on the other hand, requires players to download the site’s app onto their computer or mobile device. The ability to download a casino app is dependent on the player having a compatible version of an Android or iOs operating system. Apps present a more dedicated experience but are yet to surpass instant play.

Live Casino: How Does it Work?

The concept of a live casino, as earlier mentioned, is pretty simple. It uses a video streaming model to deliver the activity within the casino to the player’s device screen. The casino area where the dealership occurs is fitted with cameras which transmit video directly over the internet.
On the user end, a player triggers live play by selecting the option from the website menu. The video then uses the player’s internet connection to play; hence data costs may be incurred. From the activity on their screens, players can place wagers for desired outcomes and play for real money.

Play Live Casino in Ireland

In Ireland, the laws about live casinos have for a long time remained unclear. Casino gaming was not allowed for gaming houses without membership, and even these were not allowed to offer live gaming online. The country has since allowed its land-based casinos to recruit online players.
The proliferation of foreign-based casinos in an online model is what sparked the Ireland gaming authorities to react. Since these companies did not have addresses in the country, it was difficult to pursue them, even when authorities would have wanted to. Today, however, foreign-based companies can access licenses to operate in Ireland.