Playtech Live Casino – Triple Launch

On July 15th, 2019, Playtech Live Casino announced three brand new live casino games for players to enjoy. They announced the first edition at Playtech Live Casino in the Grand Royale room.  It included details for an all-new variant of American Roulette, a viral game within the gambling industry.

Users will like trying out this new game in the Grand Royale room.

Playtech - blackjack cards

Second, the renovated Hi-Lo Club was unveiled with new features and innovations. New themes, details, and features, including a new soundtrack, attract new players.

Furthermore, users will also enjoy an all-new spread-betting roulette experience, focusing on a slightly different form of traditional roulette. The game includes a bonus wheel that can be used with side bets to enhance potential winnings during the game. The redesigned, and innovative game should add several new twists for players to explore and enjoy across the Playtech Live Casino.


Playtech Announcement

Playtech announced that it is incredibly proud to welcome the new gaming experiences to the live casino and that they expect the innovations to bring new types of players to the platform. New twists, side bets, and features will amp up the excitement level and pique players' curiosity.

Also, the ‘triple launch' has already gone live and is available across the Playtech Live Casino network. Players can immediately begin to participate in the new experiences and express their feedback to the development team.

Therefore, t's a part of a larger drive to grow the Playtech Live Casino network, offer fresh experiences to loyal players, and develop new methods to attract new customers. Additionally, they plan to add more games to the network shortly.

Users should head to Playtech Live Casino and try the new games to establish their opinions on the innovations. Perhaps, the new live games will become popular additions among the current player base.

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