Side Bet City – new game from Evolution Gaming

Side Bet City is a new game from Evolution Gaming, a famous online game developer. Here's some information about the live casino game, including why people love it and why new players will likely love it too.

Side Bet City Overview

The game is from Evolution Gaming, which is a company that's famous for its focus on live dealer games on online casino sites. The game itself is highly straightforward. This will appeal to people who want to play their games quickly and not worry about figuring out new game mechanics. It will also appeal to people who love flashy, impressive games with plenty of neon lights and exciting themes.

The game uses one 52-card deck. The rules are based on standard poker rules. Your part in all of this is choosing from four different bet possibilities. You can bet for a 3-card hand, a 5-card hand, a 7-card hand, or no win. So, for example, in the case of a 3-card hand, the outcome will occur based on the first three cards dealt. Then, there's a paytable that goes along with the bet. So, if you get a royal flush, it pays at 100, 40 for a straight flush, and so on down the line.

The payables are different for each table. So, for the 5-card hand, it's 1000 for a Royal flush, for example. This makes for an exciting game since you can make complicated calculations based on the fluctuating chances of each event occurring.


Since it's a live-dealer online casino game based on the 80s, you have a unique situation. There are a lot of neon lights and actors dressing up like it's 1985. The pink and blue neon lights make it feel like Vegas. There are a lot of several props in the live rooms to help you feel at home as well, like giant colored dice, shot glasses that reflect the neon light, astronaut props, shot glasses, masks, and worn signs that say that trespassers will be shot and survivors will be reshot, all to give a 80s Vegas feel.

The cards are even striking with huge red and black text on them. The dealers are wearing unmistakable 80s clothing with many bright colors, like a pink sweater for the women that goes down one arm. They all have big, tossed hair, painted nails, striking makeup, and period jeans.

Getting Started

It's easy to sign up for the game from Evolution at the casino of your choice. It will be a quick-playing game that will draw all a person's attention. The quicker you get going with the game, the more you'll be able to enjoy what it can offer you over a long period. Evolution has outdone itself this time, which is only possible because they have so much experience in the field. They are practically the ones that invented live dealer online casinos, and this version is different. Overall, it's essential to ensure players get a chance to play this game while it's still around. Those who wish to experience live dealer alternatives should take advantage of this opportunity, especially with the throwback '80s items. This won't last forever, so find a casino with this game.

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