The Figure of the Dealer | The Hands of the Casino

Do you know the functions of a dealer? In this post, we tell you about them and give you the keys to become one of the most influential figures in the casino.

The Figure of the Dealer: The Eyes and Hands of the Casino

The dealer has become enormously popular thanks to the movies or various live game shows broadcasted on television. Still, few people know every one of his roles. When we refer to this figure, we are not talking about a mere dealer of cards, since his tasks are among the quintessential things performed in a casino, whether physical or online casinos. In this Casinoble post, we will detail them so that all those interested in cards or any other casino game perfectly know the person who will guide you during the experience.

What is a Dealer and What Does He/She Do?

The dealer comes from the French word croupe, used to refer to the person who stands behind a player to advise him during the game. 

His tasks are as follows:

  • He is in charge of controlling and collecting the game's bets.
  • He throws the ball in the roulette wheel.
  • Serves the cards.
  • Reaches the dice to give them to the customers.
  • He makes the payments to the winners.

Because of all these functions and the importance they represent, honesty is one of the great values that accompany the people who perform them. To perform the job correctly, the dealer must perfectly know the rules of every game and have specific skills that will facilitate his work.

Besides, during the games in the live casino, his role is fundamental. The correct functioning of these games will depend, to a great extent, on his work transmitting the details or characteristics that surround each one of them. Thus, if we are performing around in live roulette, the dealer will oversee making sure that all the betting users know the different possibilities or ways we must bet. He will have to communicate the spin result and announce data related to the winning bets.

The Dealer Has Great Communication Skills.

Employees are the visible face of any business, especially casinos. Therefore, he has to look impeccable and elegant, both physically and in the treatment of the users. His characteristics include confidence, extroversion, and the ability to work under pressure. Explain the rules to the player and solve any doubts they may have before or after each play. 

For this purpose, knowledge of different languages is a must, allowing him/her to communicate with visitors from different parts of the world. He must know how to maintain the tension and excitement in the game, being vital to make everyone feel comfortable. 

Besides, the dealer is also the person who removes the non-winning bets from the table, which requires tact, patience, and empathy with the customer.


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