Top 4 Greatest Baccarat Winners

Baccarat, the top casino game in the world is often a mystery to casino players. The game traces its roots to the gaming salons of France and Italy. However, in the last three decades, it has become so popular in casinos, mostly in Asia and in the US. How big is baccarat? The casinos in Macau have made over 88 percent of their $33.2 billion from the popular game. Casinos in Singapore, on the other hand, accounts baccarat to 18 percent share of their total casino win. Because of the game’s popularity, let us take a closer look at the top 4 greatest baccarat winners in history.

Las Vegas - poker ok

1. Sometimes The House Does Not Win

Sands Hotel Casino in Las Vegas holds the record of the first biggest win in baccarat in a single night from different baccarat games, which amounted to around $250,000. Many casino players believe that the house always wins. However, this is not the case when the increasingly popular game in the US first arrived. You might say that $250,000 is a small amount for casinos. That may be true if the winning happened in 2016; however, it took place in the 1960s. Considering the inflation, that amount is equivalent to around $2 million today, an amount, which even the largest casinos in the world would not want to handle.

2. The Warrior Billionaire

During the 1960’s win, the money was shared among several players so some would not want to count it as a big win. But, let us introduce you to the person who won big in baccarat. Akio Kashiwagi was the billionaire who lost a massive amount of money at different baccarat tables. He is a whale that most baccarat players want to share tables with him. Akio gambles at around $100K to $200K hands in just a matter of hours.

Although he lost big several times, he also won big. His largest known winnings amounted to around $6 million back in the 1990s. If you convert that in today’s money, the winning will have a staggering value. He is most likely the most popular baccarat player. In many casinos, Akio is known as the Warrior and his identity inspired one of the characters in the film Casino, K.K. Ichikawa.

3. $55 M Asian Gambler Baccarat Winning

Another massive happen did not take place until in the later part of the 1990s. The story is somewhat confusing because it is cloaked with mystery. The story goes that over the course of time, Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia lost around $55 million in baccarat games. The games were said to have been played by some high rollers but mysterious Asian gamblers. The biggest single win was around $12 million won by a high roller rich Asian gambler. The winning almost crumbled Crown Casino since it entailed drastic measures to pay for it.

4. Biggest Baccarat Win Ever

While the $12 million is already a staggering win, to some gamblers, it is a mysteriously relevant number. So far, the largest win recorded happened in 2015 in Macau. It set the record for the biggest ever baccarat winning. It is somewhat aligned to the description of the winner in Crown Casino in Melbourne. However, this time, we have the name of the luckiest baccarat gambler. Lin Hasan bagged a whopping $12.9 million jackpot of the WSBC or the World Series Baccarat Championship in Macau.

The WSBC could be an indication that things are going well for the game of baccarat. Who knows, the game may soon be romanticized like poker. The 2015 World Series Baccarat Championship in Macau broke records for the biggest win ever and the biggest tournament pot in the game of baccarat at around $15 million.