Yggdrasil Releases Zeus vs. Thor in partnership with 4ThePlayer.com


Popular online casino solutions provider Yggdrasil has added another feather to its cap after releasing a new game in its YG Masters Program titled 2 Gods Zeus vs. thor. This casino game was developed by 4Theplayer. This relationship gives the developer access to Yggdrasil's market and configurable tools. It promises to be a win-win for both parties.

Features of The Game

This game uses five-reel slots and introduces a Dual spin feature, which comprises blue and red coins signifying the gods on the reels, i.e., thor and Zeus.  When the coil and the rotating wheel match, the amount doubles.

When the spin bonus is enabled by three scatter symbols, successive spins become winners with a growing multiplier if the player bets correctly on Thor or Zeus. The winning spin also contains retriggers that create an impressive gaming experience.

Big Reel Portrait Mode stacks the reels and pays top to bottom or bottom to top. This differs from the usual method, where the payment happens horizontally. This new feature adds to the gaming experience for mobile players.

Yggdrasil’s Statement

In an interview with the Head of the partner strategy at Yggdrasil Stuart McCarthy, he said the 2Gods Zeus vs. Thor game is a remarkable addition to their YG Masters program portfolio. He noted that the scene from the competition was thrilling. Stuart further added that 4ThePlayer's Dual spin games come with an innovative and fantastic experience. This is because the Dual Spin games take the players into the very heart of the game action in a way that many have never experienced before.

He also added that the YG Masters Program has recently been increasing. A new partnership with an industry giant like 4ThePlayer will help Yggdrasil achieve its organizational goals while delivering value to the partners. Players can trust that they are getting the best gaming experience.

4ThePlayer’s Statement

On the part of 4ThePlayer.com, her Business Development Director and Founder, Chris Ash, noted that they are very excited to work with Yggdrasil on the project. He also stated that the 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor game comes with many exclusive features that have never before been seen in online casino gaming. He expressed confidence in the YG Masters program and declared optimism that the collaboration would help them achieve their goals.

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