About NetEnt´s different Blackjack live casino games

Online casino players should be thrilled about NetEnt’s latest innovative plans. The company is already rated for having one of the most entertaining user experience of all the online game sites. Now with new mobile platform players will get even more realistic experience when they play live casino games.

One of the main games players can look forward to today includes blackjack. NetEnt is providing a few fun versions of blackjack for online players to enjoy. Here are the details of blackjack variations available for play:

Netent - Live Blackjack

NetEnt Live Blackjack

Players who prefer the class experience will love Live Blackjack. There are great graphics and an awesome user interface. Players who like high or low limits will find the right table for themselves because there is a huge selection of table limits to choose from. The streaming quality is really good and players will feel just like they are at the brick and mortar casino. Passionate players will find dealer hand history up to the past 10 and as well as table statistics on whichever table they pick.

NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack

This game of blackjack is extremely unique across the many online experiences across the world of online gaming. At any given moment there can be hundreds of multi-currency games in action. This value-added service ensures that all players can understand and enjoy the game at the same time. Players can enjoy this type of table in low or high limits. They can enjoy this game while they wait for seating at the common 7-box Live Blackjack table.

NetEnt Live Perfect Blackjack

This game is just as simple as the name suggests. Players can imagine their ideal hand while sitting at this table and potentially come out on top. The goal of this game is to provide the player with the best strategy by dealing them a close to perfect hand. The house advantage is reduced to 0.5 percent and the player’s chances of a return skyrocket to 99.5 percent. This table is great because it makes high chances of winning more fun for players. They get the choice of a multi-seat for a max of 3 boxes, they can auto-split, or double down. This is the only live blackjack game in the live dealer arena that offers autoplay.

Live Rewards

In addition to the exciting Blackjack games mentioned above, NetEnt is offering Live Rewards that takes its players through the promotion process quickly and easily. Players can look forward to instant and unique rewards while staying informed of each step of the promotional journey. Live rewards will let operators design unique promotions for players, reward the players in free spins, bonuses, or cash, within five minutes of setup.