What is Entropay?

Entropay is actually a virtual VISA card used to make payments anywhere that VISA is accepted. It allows users to load money onto the card from their credit or debit card. The users can then spend only what they have on the Entropay card, and if they need more, they have to reload. It is easy to use and quick. It is also available to everyone and does not take people’s credit history into account. Using Entropay is anonymous, making it a preferred choice for gamblers who may not want their identity to be shared while making a transaction.

Which are the best casinos with Entropay?

The best online casinos with Entropay are

  1. Spin Casino
  2. Jackpot City
  3. Royal Vegas
  4. Platinum Play
  5. Ruby Fortune
  6. All Slots
  7. Gaming Club
  8. Lucky Nugget
  9. Mummys Gold
Entropay casino deposits

How Entropay Works

Entropay is a virtual VISA card which allows users to safely make transactions online. They are allowed to set up different cards for different currencies. Upon signing up, users are expected to give details of where they will be transferring money from (such as credit or debit card). The Entropay card has a unique CVV code, a 16 digit virtual card number, and an expiry date. The personal details of the users are not given to the merchants.

Since the cards are prepaid, they do not have annual fees or interest charges. The cards are also not directly linked to users’ bank accounts.

Why Entropay is Good for Casino Deposits

Entropay is suitable for fast casino deposits because it allows users to load onto the card the amount they intend to spend. This helps to prevent gamblers from getting into debt or betting with what they cannot afford to lose.

Entropay is also secure. They use an end to end encryption process that protects users’ personal details and the trail of transactions. The fact that they give users anonymity and also allow a one-time transaction using the virtual card also helps to protect people who are playing in online casinos. Entropay enables the usage of different currencies, making it ideal for people in other countries.

Getting an Entropay Account

Registering for an Entropay account is easy. Users should go to the Entropay website and get the registration form. It has a set of instructions. The only details needed from the users include name, date of birth, email address, and country of origin.

During the registration, users are asked to create a username and password that they will be using to access the account. After giving personal details, Entropay asks users to provide their debit or credit card details they want to use to transfer money to the Entropay virtual VISA card. There are instances when Entropay asks for additional verification materials.

Secure Transfers with Entropay

Entropay provides users with a secure way to transact online. They have an end to end encryption process that prevents third parties from accessing information about the transaction. Using the Entropay virtual VISA card also helps prevent fraud since the only link between the virtual card and debit or credit card is that it is a source of transferring funds. It does not take more than has been loaded onto the card. The Entropay card has a three-digit security number just like a Visa card. Users must enter it in every transaction if they want to deposit or withdraw funds.

Pros and Cons of Entropay

  • Allows use of multiple currencies
  • Allows anonymity, so people do not need to know a users transaction history
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Accepted everywhere online where VISA cards are accepted
  • Helps to protect internet fraud as it uses end to end encryption
  • Allows users to set a limit on how much they want to use on their online spending, hence cutting down on personal debts
  • Good option for people who want to make a one-off transaction and discard the card
  • They charge a relatively high fee to load the card
  • Withdrawal process is longer and requires sending emails to ask for money

History of Entropay

Entropay was established in 2003 by Ixaris Systems Limited, which is a financial service provider in London. The company has the authorisation to operate, and it is regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority. The founding of Entropay started in 2000 after the company saw a market need for people who were making transactions online.

Entropay was the first virtual prepaid credit card established in the European market. It has continued to grow and chart new grounds for other entrants in the industry. Entropay is accepted by several merchants across the world and is ranked highly among online casino players.

Is Entropay Safe to Use?

Yes. The transactions on Entropay virtual VISA are safe. They use an end-to-end encryption process, and third parties cannot access details of the transactions. The merchants are also not permitted to see the personal information of the user. Entropay uses only the amount on the card.

How Long Does it Take for a Transaction to Go Through?

Deposits on an Entropay card are instant. Withdrawals may take a little bit longer depending on the merchant and the amount that is being transacted. There is a verification process done by Entropay before they release the money to the users during withdrawals.

Where Can Entropay Be Used?

Consumers can use the Entropay virtual card in online shops that allow VISA cards. It is also accepted in most major casinos due to the fact that it enables anonymous transactions, is safe and users can make a one-off transaction and discard the card soon after.

Can an Entropay Card Be Used in Physical Shops?

No. Entropay is a virtual card that is only used online. The card is shown on the screen, and users are not given a physical card such as the ones that banks give in the form of debit or credit cards that are used in physical shops.

How Many Entropay Virtual Cards Can One Have?

There is actually no set limit as to the number of Entropay cards that users are allowed to have. However, users can only make withdrawals from an Entropay card that has already had a successful deposit made within the previous six months.

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