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What is Live Texas Hold ’em?

Texas Hold ’em online is a version of the poker-type game which is played over the internet through the use of an online stream. Rather than visit the casino in person, players receive their hole and community cards on their PCs, tablets or mobile phones in real time.
The game involves several players playing against the dealer, in contrast to an ordinary game, which would see them play against each other. Each player aims to beat the dealer, by getting the best combination of a hand made up of five cards dealt both in the hole and community.

Basic Rules of Texas Hold ’em

The players in the game are all dealt two cards face-up, known as the hole cards. The dealer then follows this up with five community cards, dealt in a batch of three, one and one. Players have the option of making several calls during each round of play.
Depending on the combination of cards they hold, players can decide to fold, check, call or raise every time a community round is dealt. Players are often competing for the pot, which is the amount of money that has accumulated depending on various calls. In the online version, the opponent is the house.

Basic Strategy of Texas Hold ’em

The principal aim in a game of Texas Hold ’em is to control the pot to win the highest rounds, rather than winning the most rounds. As such, the player uses a strategy of raising stakes, when he has a good combination of cards to increase the pot.
When things are not going well, a player may decide to fold and effectively opt out of that particular round. Folding is in itself a strategy to reduce losses. A player may also play misleading cards in an attempt to wrong-foot opponents with the aim of beating them to a bigger pot.

History of Texas Hold ’em

Although the game of Texas Hold ’em sounds and appears as though it has been around for ages, it is not among the classic games known to man. It owes its origins to the Texas region where it was first played in the 1900s, in a little location known as Robson.
The game entered casinos in the years around 1963, and instantly became a hit with players. It was especially loved because of the speed of each round, and the ability to employ a gaming strategy. The game experienced several rule changes during its early years in casinos, as it evolved to the current format.

Play Texas Hold ’em in Ireland

Ireland has experienced a considerable boom in casino gambling over the last two decades. It is offered in membership only casinos, where players play against each other, and the house, at tables: a dealer shuffles and deals cards from a deck of 52 cards.
The game is also accessible online, both from the platforms offered by the Irish-based casinos and from overseas vendors. With online play, gamblers need to create playing accounts, log in and make deposits to play. Some websites offer the game in an instant play model, while others combine this with a download play format.