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What is Live Blackjack Online?

Live blackjack online is a new playing model which brings the excitement of this card comparing game to a player’s screen. Using a video streaming option, the player can view the actions of the dealer in real-time and place bets that can win real money.
The game is fast moving, as players try to win against the dealer, once the cards for each hand are drawn from the deck. Live online blackjack can be played on different devices including mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Players can play in instant play mode (on-site) or through a downloaded app, depending on the particular casino.

How to play Blackjack

The game aims are to beat the house or dealer. Players take turns to play against the dealer but are not allowed to play against each other. In the live dealer version, there is no stopping for each player to take a turn, since the results of a round are known instantly.
Beating the dealer is achieved by reaching 21, or being the closest before they do. Both hands always aim not to go beyond 21. The player is firstly dealt two cards, and the dealer is dealt one or two cards depending on the house rules. If not completed at first, additional cards can be drawn.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

The rules of blackjack vary from house to house, making it a pretty flexible game. The basic rule, however, is that players are dealt two cards and the aim is to hit a total of 21 or be the nearest on the lower side before the dealer does.
Depending on the particular house, the dealer may be dealt one or two cards. Both the dealer and the players may be dealt their cards face up or down. The game is played with between one and eight 52-card packs shuffled together. Aces have a value of one; faces may have a value of one or ten.

Basic Strategy for Blackjack

The most straightforward strategy when playing blackjack is first to eliminate the desire to achieve a 21 and focus on minimising the amount you lose at the end of the gaming session. This way, you can spread possibilities and gamble without unfounded fear which will see you fail.
The dealer’s hand and the sum of your cards should guide your moves. Whenever your sum is 11, doubling your bet is the wisest next move. When you have a value of between 12 and15, ensure the dealer has an ace or 7 to 10. A pair of 8-cards is always a call for a split.

Play Blackjack in Ireland

Playing the game of blackjack in land-based establishments in Ireland requires one to be a member of the regulated casinos. The gaming regulations of the country prohibit conventional walk-in, walk-out casinos. This provision has kept blackjack beyond the reach of many interested players for a very long time.
Online gaming has, however, made the game available to this long-neglected group. The initial craze was to play in offshore companies which offered the game. Today, however, Ireland permits online casinos to acquire licenses and operate in the country. More people than ever are now taking advantage of the opportunity to make money with online blackjack.

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