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100% Up to €1,200 + 260 Free Spins

18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply

100% up to €200 Bonus + 30 Free Spins!

18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply

€1,100 + 375 Free Spins for Book of Dead

18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply

Pros & Cons of Apple Pay

  • Perfect for iOS players.
  • Great for mobile gaming.
  • Touch ID feature.
  • No Apple Pay withdrawals.
  • Limited amount of online casinos.
  • It is only compatible with Apple devices.

Apple Pay Casinos - Online Casino Deposits with Apple Pay Ireland

Apple Pay is a secure and safe payment platform.

It’s easy to use, fast and works with most major debit and credit cards. Everything is made to be perfect for your needs.

Online casino deposits with Apple Pay? No problem!

Withdrawing your money from your card? Sure, easily!

Apple Pay is one of Ireland’s best payment methods for players on offer.

This page provides an overview of online casinos that accept Apple Pay online. Read on to learn about Apple Pay Online Casinos you can enjoy in Ireland.


Casinos with Apple Pay in Ireland

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Last Checked: Dec 04, 2022

welcome bonus

50% CASHBACK Up to €400

x40 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply
min deposit


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welcome bonus

€1,000 + 100 Free Spins

x35 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply
min deposit


payment methods
welcome bonus

100% Up to €500 + 100 Free Spins

x35 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply
min deposit


payment methods
welcome bonus

100% Up to €1,200 + 260 Free Spins

x35 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply
min deposit


payment methods
welcome bonus

€1,100 + 375 Free Spins for Book of Dead

x35 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only... | T&C apply
min deposit


payment methods

Deposit With Apple Pay at Casinos in Ireland

If you are an Apple user and have an iPhone or iPad, you have probably wondered if you can use Apple Pay to play at online casinos.

Well, here we have good news for you because you can find out about Apple Pay Casinos in this guide.

We will talk about the method’s functionality, its advantages in the iGaming market, and which Apple Pay casino sites are the most recommended in Ireland.

What is Apple pay

Apple Pay: What Is It?

What is Apple pay

Apple Pay is a digital wallet and a mobile payment service that Apple Inc established.

It’s used in making payments on the web, in person, and through iOS apps.

It is a payment platform compatible with Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch. Hence, it is apt for payment terminals that are contactless-capable.

Unfortunately, it is restricted to just devices made by Apple Inc.

Which Are the Best Online Casinos with Apple Pay?

How to Deposit in Online Casinos Using Apple Pay

Making online casino deposits with Apple Pay is relatively easy. However, the total number of Apple Pay online casinos is still relatively low. Payments are often processed instantly, and funds should be withdrawn from your Apple Pay wallet and deposited to your online casino account within minutes. If you have never done something like this, the steps below will help you do this effortlessly.


Visit whatever casino you want to play in.


Once at this casino, head to the deposit segment.


Click on Apple Pay as a method of payment.


Choose an amount you are looking to deposit.


At this point, you authenticate the transaction with your Apple device’s Touch ID and Apple ID.


Get on with whatever game you want to play.

How to Deposit Apple Pay

Benefits of Using Apple Pay for Online Casinos

  • Improved security:

Stories of people getting hacked because they made transactions online are not new. With a rising number of hackers worldwide, it seems normal for people to get into trouble when they do transactions online. All of this has made it a significant reason for people to worry when carrying out transactions in online casinos.

Apple Pay is a platform that helps people at casinos have fun without dealing with credit card issues. Credit card technology might seem like it can be trusted – although it is not as safe as many assume. With credit card technology, banks keep all the customer’s details on the card’s magnetic strip. This way, hackers do not have to struggle to mess with people’s accounts and details. Hacking is possible with the use of card skimmers. Chip cards might be safer than credit cards. Nonetheless, the likelihood of your financial details getting stolen cannot be swept under the carpet.

You cannot ignore the risks because many businesses have yet enabled chip cards on their POS terminals. Due to this, chip card owners have no choice but to swipe their cards. When they do this, their details can get exposed.

When gamers use Apple Pay to carry out transactions in casinos, the fear of having their details leaked does not exist. This is because they do not have to touch any terminals with their cards physically. If you run a casino, the card information of your clients never gets recorded.

Their data changes constantly and is encrypted. So, anyone who attempts to hack their cards will get outdated data.

  • Speed:

The speed of transactions is a factor many consider when selecting a casino. With Apple Pay, transactions are faster. Although credit card transactions are fast, they are not as fast as those that do not need contact.

  • It gives casinos a competitive edge:

As long as the casino business is concerned, competition is a significant factor. Casinos can enjoy a competitive advantage by working with Apple Pay, as many players enjoy using apple pay because of what it offers. This set of people will always gravitate towards casinos that have Apple Pay enabled.

  • There is no need to share personal details:

Many gamers are scared about playing on online casino sites because they need to provide some personal details. Nevertheless, this challenge does not have to continue as Apple Pay can carry out financial transactions in a casino without the need to leave any personal information.

To carry out a transaction, all you need to do is choose a method of payment. The payment method should be followed by authentication with a Touch ID. This way, you will not offer any credit card detail or bank account number.

  • They work with other cards:

Apple Pay is compatible with some of the major debit and credit cards. Some of these cards are American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Additionally, players in the United States can link it with their Discover Cards.

  • No fees:

Many payment methods, such as bank transfers and credit cards, attract fees. Although many of these fees are not high, it is best if you can avoid them. One way to carry out financial transactions without paying a fee at casinos is using Apple Pay.

The only prices you might need to pay when carrying out an online transaction with Apple Pay are those that service providers charge.

Terms & Conditions Apple Pay

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Apple Pay

Lots of iOS users love Apple Pay because of its immediate deposit feature.

Everyone that makes use of this payment platform will enjoy this feature.

Nonetheless, different gamers will be free to make different minimum and maximum deposits.

The deposits they can place depend on the casino they are playing in.

Generally, the average minimum deposit is €10 while the maximum is €10,000.


How to Get a Card/Account/Wallet

How to Get Card Apple Pay

Applying for an Apple Pay app is not a complicated process.

Follow the steps below to get this done:

  • Turn the Wallet app open and click on the add button.
  • Click on the Apple Card and select continue.
  • Finish up with your application.
  • Review the Apple Card Terms and Conditions. It should be followed by agreeing to these conditions.
  • Accept the credit limit you are offered.
  • As soon as you agree to this offer, Apple Card will be attached to the Wallet app. You can, therefore, go ahead to ask for a titanium Apple Card.
How to Get Card Apple Pay

Suppose you are looking to apply for an Apple Pay Card on an iPad, head to the Settings app. After getting this app open, click on Wallet and Apple Pay. Next, go on and click on Add Card. Finally, select Apple Card.

You can receive the offer in 30 days as soon as you are done applying.

If you end up taking the offer and including an Apple Card on your iPad or iPhone, some of the things you can do are:

  • Make a purchase in any part of the world with your Apple Card. So long as MasterCard is accepted at the point of sale.
  • Look at your balance, download PDF statements, and organize your account in the Wallet app.
  • Make Apple Card your trusted payment card for Apple services such as Apple Music, the App Store, and Apple Pay.

Not everyone’s application gets accepted.

Therefore, you must be sure you are qualified for the Apple Card before applying for one.

Apple Pay casino sites might be the best casinos because of their secure payments and simple on-screen instructions. But what are Apple Pay casinos? Apple Pay casinos are our favorite casino type thanks to their payment methods such as apple pay deposit (Apple Pay option), debit cards, and other alternative payment methods but our preferred payment method for bonus credit in online casinos is Apple Pay deposit.

Nowadays, casinos accept Apple Pay. Creating a casino account is easy, and they have the same payment method as other online gambling sites, such as mobile casinos. Apple Pay transaction is available for only a few brands to withdraw funds. We must say that Apple Pay casinos safe payment method is as good as the Google Pay payment method.

Best Apple Pay casinos are apple pay casinos online, where you can make apple pay deposits. You can discover our chosen apple pay casino here on Casinoble Ireland, where you will have access to our favourite casino with great online casino games, a well-designed online gambling platform, high max bonus bet, and various payment methods accepted such as bank transfer, bank or card issuer, debit cards, bank card, credit or debit cards.

You can also access the best online casinos that accept apple pay and other payment methods by creating an online casino account where online casino players play casino games with Apple Pay casinos to grab a great casino bonus, such as free spins that are always offered on the best Apple Pay casinos for you to use on online casino games without a high minimum deposit.

The cash funds will be added to your account depending on the initial deposit amount. For example, a welcome bonus can consist of various deposit bonuses with your credit or debit card or only bonus funds with extra free spins for you to use on the best Apple Pay casino live dealer games and earn bonus wins. These bonus funds contribute to most online casinos’ being considered one of the best Apple Pay casinos.

We all love bonuses such as free spins. But even if you select Apple Pay casino and grab an excellent online casino bonus such as a welcome bonus that gives you 3 or more deposit bonus on your favourite casino, you should always play responsibly.

If we could recommend another safe payment method on casino sites for bonus wins, such as free spins and deposits for max bonus bet, it would be the Google Pay payment method.

How Apple Pay Works

Apple Pay Casinos

Apple Pay operates by utilizing the EMV Payment Tokenization Specification to function correctly.

This way, it is possible to ensure that the details of a customer’s payment are kept private and out of the hands of the shop.

This is made possible by changing the Funding Primary Account Number found on the customer’s debit or credit card to a tokenized Device Primary Account Number (DPAN).

Doing so can generate a one-of-a-kind security code for each transaction successfully.

Apple does not monitor or track the usage of this platform in any way other than the secure manner in which it facilitates transactions.

Any information regarding a transaction on this platform is kept confidential among the participating banks, vendors, and customers.

When a user wants to pay for something with Apple Pay at a point of sale, they must bring their verified Apple device into touch with the NFC card reader that the point of sale system uses.

When authenticating their devices, iPhone owners must utilize a passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID.

On the other hand, an Apple Watch user must authenticate their device by pressing and holding a button on it twice.

Apple Pay is the default option for users to choose as a payment method in iOS apps when they want to make a purchase.

After this, individuals authenticate themselves using Face ID or Touch ID on their devices.

Users have several options for incorporating payment cards into their payment service.

These activities consist of manually filling in the details of the card and snapping the card.

It is inaccurate to characterize Apple Pay as a payment system that processes transactions instantly. After a transaction is authorized, the funds are not instantly sent to the receiving account.

Regardless, users will receive notifications the instant a permission is granted for a transaction.

In addition, the rate of speed at which the transaction is completed is determined by the selected payment type.

Apple Pay Casinos
Apple Pay History

History of the Company

Apple Pay History

Apple Pay has not been available to consumers for an exceptionally long period.

Apple Pay casino was initially introduced to customers in the United States when it first became available.

It eventually made its way to countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, Georgia, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

It is compatible with various international payment systems, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Apple Pay casinos also support some of the local payment systems used in other countries, such as Girocard in Germany, Mada in Saudi Arabia, Eftpos in Australia, Interac in Canada, Crates Bancaires in France, JCB in Japan, and UnionPay in China. Apple Pay was introduced in October 2014.

Reviewed Casinos With Apple Pay

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  • You don’t have to pay fees
  • Touch ID feature
  • No need to share personal details
  • Rapid transaction
  • It’s easy to create an Apple Pay account


  • It was not created for withdrawals
  • There are just a few Apple Pay casino sites
  • It is only compatible with Apple devices


Yes, Apple Pay sometimes allows people to make payments from a business account. Regardless, before the transaction is approved, you will have to show details that prove you have the right to make payments with this account.

You do not have to deal with any commission fees when making an online transaction with Apple Pay. Fees are charged directly to operators. So, you will not have to worry about paying processing fees when you visit an Apple Pay casino. Additionally, you will not need to worry about extra charges on withdrawals and deposits.

You do not have to deal with any commission fees when making an online transaction with Apple Pay. Fees are charged directly to operators. So, you will not have to worry about paying processing fees when you visit an Apple Pay casino site. Additionally, you will not need to worry about extra charges on withdrawals and deposits.

It would help if you simply waited for a confirmation of cancellation. After this gets confirmed, a refund will take place in about three days.

Using an apple pay casino makes it easy to keep an eye on your spending. It’s easy because each expense gets ticked on your phone. Additionally, you will enjoy immediate deposits and safe transactions. That’s not all. You will be giving out minimal personal details.

When playing a game on real money casino websites, you do not have to worry about a means of payment because you can use Apple Pay. In addition, Apple Pay offers security that many credit cards cannot deliver. This security is possible because you must authenticate each Apple Pay purchase.

When you insert your card into Apple Pay or on your iPhone, an account number associated with the device is created. This is encrypted and stored in the device’s Secure Element (Touch ID, code), a security chip isolated from the operating system to which Apple has no access. This information is also not uploaded to Apple’s servers at any time. So, online casinos that accepts Apple Pay are secure.

Once you have Apple Pay activated on an Apple Watch or iPhone, you can make mobile payments with these Apple devices using Apple Pay. To do this, you must see if the POS has one of these symbols on the screen or on the terminal. Some stores put stickers with them on the doors, indicating the types of cards they support, and whether they accept Apple Pay.

One of users’ and merchants’ most frequently asked questions about Apple Pay is whether they should enter the PIN on their Apple device for purchases over 20 euros. The answer is: it depends. In this case, the factor that delimits the use of the PIN or not is the POS itself. Older contactless POS terminals require a PIN when paying with Apple Pay for purchases over 20 euros.

But in those more modern POS terminals, the PIN can be “skipped” thanks to Touch ID. Any purchase with Apple Pay will have to validate the disbursement with Apple’s fingerprint sensor on your Apple device. Thanks to its level of security, Touch ID acts as a PIN in the transaction, making it much more convenient.

Apple Pay works by first opening Wallet on a compatible Apple device that is new enough to accept Apple Pay. Then, select Apple Pay, and using your device’s camera, take a photo of each bank card you want to load into your digital wallet for your cash funds. If you already have a card associated with your iTunes account, you can also use that in just a few minutes.

Payments made using Apple Pay are expeditiously handled, in addition to being completely safe. The transaction is completed in a matter of seconds, making it much more reasonable than using a credit card (especially for EMV transactions).

All that is required of you is to add the card to your wallet. When you arrive at the ATM, you will notice a section that has the word “Contactless” written in it. Simply open the card you want to use to withdraw money from Wallet, focus on the card using your iPhone, and you’re done!

An Apple Pay casino is a casino that accepts Apple Pay and works just like other casino sites. You are eligible for welcome bonus wins, free spins, and withdraw funds. The only difference is that Apple Pay casinos online also accept Apple Pay as a payment method and other payment methods.

The best payment method to get free spins, welcome bonus wins, or only bonus funds are Apple Pay. It is the most secure way of depositing money thanks to its high-security standards, such as Touch ID.

Yes. Most online casinos have free spins in their promotions for their players. You must respect the bonus conditions to be eligible for those free spins. Getting those free spins into your account is simple. You just need to deposit the minimum amount required for the chosen bonus. Once that’s done, you can enjoy your free spins on your favorite slots.

Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode will be required for authentication. Maintain a few inches of distance between the top of your iPhone and the contactless reader until the screen displays a checkmark and the word “Done.”

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