Cashback Bonus

Online casino bonuses come with various strategies. Of these many strategies, cash match bonuses and free spins are some of the most dominant. Regardless of how dominant, free spins and cash match bonuses are, cashback bonuses are fast coming into the picture.

While regular casino bonuses come with lots of benefits, their terms and conditions can often be complicated. Cashback bonuses, however, are very different. They are less complicated than lots of other bonuses.

On this page, we will be taking a deeper look into the important aspects of this bonus you should know.

Casino Cashback

If you are new to mobile casinos and interested to learn more before diving into the gambling world, here is the tidbit. Live casinos now offer cashback in the form of real cash, free spins even bonus funds. These funds are directly credited to the player’s account before the next spin as an incentive to play more games.

Best Cashback Casinos in Ireland

Casino Cashback Offers Explained

It is one thing to know about the existence of cashback bonus and another to know exactly how they work.

In its simplest form, a cashback bonus is a bonus given to players as compensation for whatever loses they incur in a game. It is a form of insurance against being unlucky while playing a game.

While lots of casinos offer cashback bonuses, the amount they offer differs markedly. Furthermore, certain casinos have policies that provide gamers with cashback on every bet they make.

Breakdown Regarding Reward

This is how casino cashback works. It rewards the players for depositing or winning in the form of real cash credited to his or her account. There is also a rebate program in case of loss. This will help the player to play without breaks.

For instance, with this offer you can be eligible for a certain amount of money, say 10% or 20%. So for every $100 deposit, you will get $10 or $20 back respectively. Similarly, if you lose $100, your account will be credited with $5 or $10 depending on the rebate percent.

Principles in Casinos

The details associated with cashback bonuses is dependent in the casino. Most casinos have the same basic principle. This principle is simply getting is receiving the amount you stake or lose in a certain percentage.

It is in the place of the casino to determine what this percentage is. Furthermore, the nature, as well as the size of the percentage is dependent on the casino.

There are various ways gamers can get cashback bonuses. Certain cashback bonuses come in real cash. You can do whatever it is you please with this cash. Some others, however, come in bonus money.

This bonus money can be used in playing any game of your choice. Although you are free to choose a game to play on, there are still some restrictions. These restrictions are dependent on the casino where you are playing.

Cashback with Real Money

Online casino offering cashback in the form of real money is rare but happens on occasions. When there is a cashback offer like this, the hard cash is directly deposited to your account based upon the agreed terms. This money can be withdrawn anytime and for any amount. Note that, the cash offered is usually low. However, if the offer is percentage-wise, you can expect to get back a reasonable amount.

Cashback with Bonus Funds

Cashback with bonus funds is a popular form of retaining customers for online casinos. The money is deposited as welcome bonus or reloaded bonus – whichever you are eligible for. You can withdraw the fund immediately or use it for future games as per your requirements. There are no strict rules governing how much you can withdraw.

Cashback with Free Spins

Cashback through free spins is another way you are getting paid for winning. Here, you may be offered free spins that get deposited into your account for future games. However, cashback with free spins can sometimes be misleading.

For instance, a bonus offer in the form of free spins are really spins and not a cashback deal. Similarly, free spins can vary in number depending on a number of factors such as deposit amount, timing, player performance and so on.

How It Works

Online casino players earn cashback for doing certain things or meeting certain requirements as follows:

  • The player should be eligible to play in terms of age and other factors
  • Players should play certain games
  • The player should deposit a set amount of money
  • Players should not claim initial deposit bonus right away

Advantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

Cashback deals are easy to earn and deal with. They are deposited right away to your account and can be withdrawn without hassles or other wagering requirements, unlike standard casino bonuses. Besides, you won’t be taken by surprise how much you are going to get back in cash as most deals are percentage-wise.

Disadvantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

Cashback deals are sometimes not that great. For example, a 0.5% cashback on a €2000 deposit will only earn you €10. However, there are a few casinos that give away hefty amount, such as 25% cashback in order to attract customers. This is a great way to earn more money as well as increase your chances of winning at various games.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Casino Cashback Offers

Every online casino has its own terms and conditions when it comes to cashback offers. Check with the relevant casino that you are interested in. Nevertheless, these terms are generally common to all online casinos:

  • You will need to enter the relevant promotional code in order to receive cashback. The cashback deal is not automatic.
  • Players abusing the cashback system will have their account suspended for short term or indefinitely.
  • All players using the casino should be 18 years or older.
  • There is a limit to how much cashback one can earn
  • Deposit match bonuses and cashback deals are two different things. They cannot be mismatched.

Note that, although there are standard terms specific to a casino, you will still have to familiarize yourself with general terms and conditions that apply to all licensed casinos. So, before starting the game or depositing the money, read the rules and be prepared.


In essence, these are the things to keep in mind when you are indulging in a online casino game:

  • Opt in – Cashback deals are only given when you opt in to the offer. You may need a promotional code as well. If you don’t need the cash back, simply opt out of the program from your account setting.
  • Research – Read the set of terms and conditions in its entirety. Some casinos may not be the right one for your financial situation. Other times, you may find that the traditional bonus offer is far more easier to get than cashback deals.
  • Don’t play for cashback – There are many people out there who are die-hard fans of online casinos, who spend all their time playing games. They also loose a lot of money along the process. Addiction to gambling can be dangerous to your financial and mental health.
How do I earn cashback?

Cashback is earned as soon as you are eligible for it. This amount based on the percentage is directly deposited into your account before, during or after the game. You need to opt in for cashback in some cases.

Is cashback paid out automatically?

No. Your account will show how much cashback you have earned. This money will sit there until your withdraw in cash. There are, however, time limits on how long you can keep the cash without using or withdrawing it.

Is cashback better than a traditional bonus?

Depends. If you are a regular player, cashback deals can be more lucrative. For occasional players, traditional bonus is better.