New Casinos 2021

New casinos are everywhere. Especially in 2021. This year is seeing the opening of many new gaming and gambling platforms. Since it is also the right time to do so, as much more new players are searching for their perfect new gambling destination.

These new casinos have elements, which traditional casinos cannot incorporate so quickly. That is why they distinguish themselves and attract the interest of online gaming fans. 

Below we will teach you all about the new casinos in 2021. We’ve got all the essentials on the new casino trends as well as the benefits, the bonuses, how we compare the new casinos to see if they’re worth your time, and the things you need to look out for to start your new adventure. Stay tuned!

Best New Casinos 2021

New Casino Trends

Of course, what stands out in new casinos is exactly what other, more experienced casinos will not be able to offer you. Which are new features. Here we are talking not only about games, but also about the areas they focus on such as eSports, live dealers, live support, and also the possibility to offer you fast payout casino banking.

But let’s go through each of these aspects individually, to give you an idea of exactly what are the strengths of the trends that are emerging in the new casinos.

  • Live Dealer Focus: With the current challenging situation around the world, it is understandable that there is a special focus on live dealer games. These are games that perfectly simulate the experience of playing at a real casino table. Since these games are also easy to play on a mobile or tablet, they have also managed to gain one of the most prominent roles in the industry today.
  • Sportsbook: Of course, if we’re talking about anything live, you can never go wrong with sports betting. These are the core market for many betting sites and casinos, as they can cover up to 90 different sports per platform. This attracts not only a huge number of sports fans. But also stimulates a new environment for betting, which has a better reputation and reputation than others.
  • eSports: The biggest trend at the moment, and one that no one seems likely to overtake, is eSports. This young sport, which has only a decade under its belt, is the star of the betting platforms. And it is thanks to the huge fan community that each game gathers, which makes the biggest tournaments worth millions not only for the pro teams. But also for the online bookmakers.
  • Live Support: It’s 2021 and that means that sending an email to get help is no longer enough. That’s why there are multiple ways to contact customer support at new casinos, and one of those ways is through live support. This means that you will always have someone from the customer support team on hand to help you instantly with any queries or questions you may have.
  • Instant Banking: Depositing money at many online casinos is instant. And withdrawing that money should be too. Or at least that’s what the new casinos have imposed. Because what used to take days or even weeks, has now become instant banking. So, you can move your money through the new casino, without having to suffer the consequences of having to wait forever.

The Benefits of New Casinos

Don’t think that new casinos only follow new trends. And then get stuck there. Because new casinos also bring a breath of fresh air to the iGaming industry. It is clear that we will have to go through each of these points, to explain exactly what the major benefits of the new casinos are.

  • New Theme: The most “refreshing” thing about new casinos is first and foremost the fact that you will always find yourself in a new environment. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the issues. They will envelop you in a new atmosphere and experience, to entertain you and get your attention while you are discovering the site.
  • New Graphics: No one can ignore graphics these days. We are so used to video games or apps, that new casinos have their eye always on being able to offer the best current graphics on the market. This not only enhances the experience of the games themselves. But also demonstrates their seriousness and talent.
  • New Staff: New site means new staff. And although at first, you might think that means a lack of experience. At Casinoble we see it as the opposite. New staff also brings motivation and a desire to work, which is a great pleasure to talk to them through customer support, or simply to see how they take care of their platform.
  • Mobile First Feeling: The new generations of online casinos put their foot down about what new customers are really asking for. That’s why the main focus these days is on the mobile experience. First of all, new casinos want to give users and customers the possibility to take their casinos on mobile devices, as mobile casinos have been the favorite medium for gambling since last year.
  • Updated Game Selection: Obviously if you visit a new casino, you will also encounter new games above all else. Because new casinos have studied what works and what doesn’t on other casino sites. They tend to have a fine and up-to-date repertoire of casino games. That means you’ll find great classic slots, Blackjack, or Roulette. But also completely new games that are still completely unknown in the industry.
  • Advanced Technology: You will find the most advanced technology in new casinos. That’s a fact. Having had the opportunity to create their website with the most advanced technology at their fingertips. It’s clear that you’ll find exquisite websites with a state-of-the-art interface for a gaming experience like you’ve never had before.
  • New Bonuses: In order to distinguish themselves or at least carve out a small niche in the tough iGaming market, new casinos obviously also have to offer something that older casinos do not. And that’s where the new casino bonuses come in. By being able to study well what new customers want in 2021, the new casinos have been able to offer exactly the type of bonus they want most. Such as the no deposit bonus or the cashback bonus, thus giving each user exactly what they want most.
  • Instant Payment Methods: Fortunately, you no longer have to wait for ages to receive the money. New casinos focus on solving just the biggest headache that players of all kinds of casino games have had for a long time. Which is the long waiting time for cashing out. Now, with the variety of E-Wallets and cryptocurrencies, there are many more possibilities to deposit and withdraw money instantly and with fewer fees than ever before.
  • Customer Service: Customer service is the key to any casino’s reliability and trustworthiness. And having a customer service that is attentive, fresh, and eager to work also shows. That’s why customer support always stands out in the new casinos. As they are able to give it that touch that was starting to be lacking in many classic online casinos.

Real Money Casinos

Now we come to the key point of any website offering games or gambling; using your own money. Even if it is a new casino, what really attracts online gamblers are the real money casinos. 

Let’s now look at the three most important points that you need to both control and respect. In order to have the best experience and winnings with your own money:

Withdrawal Terms

A new casino has to know how to please its customers. That is why it is no longer enough to simply offer casino games or bonuses. But there must also be different limits and methods for withdrawing your money. 

Many casino sites have very low withdrawal limits, which is not interesting when you discover a new casino. On the other hand, you have the payment methods. And with so many E-Wallets like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, or EcoPayz, it is mandatory to be able to have a good amount to reach as many users as possible.

Make a Budget 

If you play at a new casino and with your own money, it is clear that time and budget matter. And a new casino has to know that too. Therefore, in order to improve your winnings and enjoyment of the games, it is crucial that both you and the new casino know how to introduce scheduled gaming sessions.

These sessions can be daily, weekly, or monthly, in order to support responsible gaming. If a gambling site completely ignores responsible and controlled gambling, then that is a very bad sign.

Winning Trigger

A key term that many gamblers are unaware of is the winning trigger. This is the key moment when you walk away from a table or game. This small detail can make all the difference to your online casino experience. 

We encourage you to learn to keep it under control or work on it. So that you are always guaranteed absolute enjoyment with your real money.

Importance of Licensed Casinos

We cannot stress enough the importance of licensing in online casinos. Only with a license from a respected authority will new casinos be able to offer safe and legal gambling. 

The two main authorities in the world of gambling are the Malta Gaming Authority, which is the most famous license. And then the British Gambling Commission, which provides opportunities for legal gambling of all kinds in the UK and Ireland.

Without one of these licenses, an online casino shows its unreliability, which is a huge black mark on its reputation. That’s why we only recommend at Casinoble casinos, which have everything you need to guarantee maximum security.

New Casino Bonuses

Want a new bonus? Then your solution is to register at a new casino. Because to have something new and different from what is already on the market, what you have to do is to discover the innovative bonuses of these platforms.

We are going to explain to you exactly what are the three most popular bonuses currently available on new casino sites. Which are also the most popular among customers.

New Deposit Bonuses

If you sign up for a casino, you also want something in return. And online casinos know that. That’s why they offer all kinds of deposit bonuses. This ensures that the customer who registers gets something in return for his money. 

The most common deposit bonus is to receive a large percentage of your money back. The industry standard on both old and new betting sites is 100% bonuses with free spins or free bets. This means that you will receive the same amount that you have deposited as a gift. Along with a certain amount of free spins or free bets to spend on their platform.

New No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the new casino bonus craze of 2021. That much is clear. New casino players don’t want to put their money on the line right away. That’s why there is the possibility for new casinos to give you a small amount of money to discover their platform. Without having to give anything in return.

New no deposit bonuses, therefore, give you the opportunity to try out games or markets. Without losing your money and with the chance to win something on top of it. Provided you meet the conditions of the bonus.

New Free Spins Bonuses

For slot lovers, there is nothing quite like free spins. And with so many new casinos specializing in slots, of course, there are also new free spins bonuses. 

These give players a chance to play their favorite games for even more money. Opening up new possibilities to hit the jackpot or play for even longer.

How Do We Compare New Casinos?

Knowing how to verify, test, or discover a new casino is not as easy as it sounds. Because you have to keep in mind that new casinos are also new sites. Which are not yet well known on the internet. That’s why we want to explain to you below what methods and requirements we impose at Casinoble. To know exactly how to compare new casinos in the industry.

  • Personal Information: The key to online security is how a website uses your personal information. That’s why we always, before anything else, check if the casino website respects and takes care of your personal details.
  • Banking: There is no point in venturing into a new casino site if it offers exactly the same as existing sites. That’s why we compare new casinos in 2021 with a special focus on payment and banking methods. As there is a sea of possibilities out there.
  • Support: There are thousands of ways to stay in touch nowadays. And the customer support of a new casino needs to know that. That’s why we are always aware, what kind of support ways the casino offers and the seriousness and professionalism behind it.
  • Casino Bonus: A new casino has to have a new bonus. This is a must. That’s why we analyze the market for new casino bonuses and which sites they come from. Because only by offering a bonus that currently interests the players, you can see how interested a new casino is in being at the top of the market.
  • Wagering Requirements: The terms and conditions of casino bonuses are crucial. Even if a new casino offers a new bonus, it is worthless if the wagering requirements are exorbitant. That’s why we only value those that manage to beat the rest and give customers something completely unique.
  • Software: With so many current software providers, names like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Ezugi, or Microgaming can’t be missing from the new platforms. That’s why it will always be of enormous importance which providers a new casino has in 2021.
  • Slots Selection: There are thousands of online games and it is not difficult to fill the game catalogs with an infinite number of slots. But it is the quality that speaks for itself. It is therefore important to differentiate between a lot of quantity and a lot of quality in the slots of new casinos.
  • Withdrawal Limits: There are both minimum deposit limits and maximum withdrawal limits at casinos. And only if the withdrawal limit is really decent, then a new casino can be given the seal of approval.
  • Withdrawal Time: We have already mentioned many times that new casinos offer instant banking. But there are also those that are not so fast. That’s why it’s important to also compare how long each betting site takes to give you the money you’re entitled to.
  • Online Reputation: We have all searched for a rating of a product or an online site. The same goes for new casinos. That is why it is very important to always highlight the online reputation of the platform. To give us the confidence we need to register with it.

How to Know a New Casino is Fair?

Venturing into a new casino may be fun, but first and foremost it must also be safe and fair. That’s why we have certain criteria to evaluate and assess whether a new casino is fair to its customers. Let’s see exactly what they are:

  1. A valid license from a relevant authority such as the British Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.
  2. Fair and adequate wagering requirements, to prove that the platform is generous and not just greedy for cash.
  3. Shorter than average withdrawal times, which shows that they are at the cutting edge of technology.
  4. A seal of approval from an independent testing laboratory such as eCOGRA, which ensures that the online casino has been tested and also verified.
  5. SSL encryption must be present to protect both personal and banking details.
  6. They must have a good reputation for dealing with common online casino queries, thereby showing the professionalism of their customer support.

Once we have all these points approved, we always like to make a small deposit and try the new casino with our own eyes to also get a direct and personal feel for the platform. That will always tell you if it is really an environment you want to spend and invest your money in, or not.

Responsible Gambling

At Casinoble, nothing is as important as responsible gambling. Whether it’s online casinos or sports betting sites. That’s why we want to ensure that all the recommendations, guides, explanations, articles, and more that appear on Casinoble only encourage you to play in a safe and fun environment.

It is very important to us, that you always keep your own money and gambling habits under control. That’s why we encourage all our readers to gamble in a controlled manner, without disturbing their own lives or the lives of the people around them.


How do you know if a new casino is worth it?

New casinos are very different from classic online casinos. A new casino serves to bring you just what others fail to offer so easily. To know if one is worth it, always look at the new features, the technology, and above all, if it has a valid license.

How do I know if a new casino is licensed?

To find out if a new casino is licensed by a gaming authority, you can either visit their homepage, where the license should be highlighted. Or contact customer support directly.

When can I redeem a casino bonus at a new casino?

Bonuses always depend on the type of offer. However, most bonuses are offered upon registration or first-time deposit. Once you’ve registered, you’ll find plenty of promotions to keep earning money.

Why are some new casinos better?

New casinos have a lot of benefits in 2021. You have to keep in mind that the technology, design, and staff are all brand new. That’s why they offer a better online experience than other casinos.

When is the best time to try a new casino?

If you like live dealer games such as BaccaratTexas Hold’emDragon Tiger, or others, then check out new casinos. These specialize in live dealer games, as they are one of the strongest trends in the iGaming industry today.

Which platform offers both casino and sports betting in Ireland?

If you’re interested in playing slots as well as betting on footballtennis, or boxing, then we suggest you take a look at our recommendations for new betting sites on Casinoble. We have the best platforms offering both worlds in 2021.

Where can I find the best new mobile casinos?

If you’re looking to take the best casino games with you, then you need to look for new mobile casinos. At Casinoble we have a wide selection of the best mobile casinos in 2021, so you’ll always have access to your favorite features, wherever you are.

What are the best new casinos of 2021?

With so much casino competition, it’s not easy to find the best casinos on the market. But Casinoble specializes in bringing you the best of the moment. That’s why we suggest you browse through our list of recommendations to find the best sites and bonuses of the year.

Are there any special bonuses at new casinos?

Of course they do! The new casinos offer both new bonuses as well as bonuses for payment methods such as Bitcoin or even for eSports, which was unknown until now.

Can I get rich by gambling online?

Even if there are people who have won jackpots or large sums of money. We do not recommend under any circumstances that you try to make a living from gambling online. At Casinoble we promote the responsible use of online gambling so that you can always enjoy a safe and fun environment.