Free Bets Online

We all love the word free. It may be because we love to get something for free, especially if we don’t have to give anything in return. That’s why free bets are so popular in 2021. These exquisite currencies found in every betting site and online casinos represent the excitement and benefits of playing or betting online.

That’s why we’ll explain here exactly what these free bets are. That means we’ll show you the differences between free bets and a betting bonus, the types of free bets that exist, the free bets for regular betting site customers, and of course, the terms that come along.

Don’t miss out on what’s coming your way here at Casinoble Ireland and learn everything you wanted to know about free bets and also the beloved free spins! Let’s get started!

Best Free Bets 2021

Up next, we’ll show you what the best free bets of 2021 in Ireland are. With so many currently available on the market, it’s only right to show you what the best in the industry look like first! Take a look and see if you can find your ideal site to use!

Free Bets vs. Betting Bonus

There are, of course, differences between free bets and free spins and betting bonuses. Although they sound similar and both guarantee money for your betting account, the truth is that they have a few things that separate them in their usefulness. 

Let’s now look at what those differences are and where you need to pay attention to get what you need for your best bets in 2021.

Deposit Bonus

The king of online casinos and even sportsbooks will always, always be the deposit bonus. Why is that? Because they are the most complete package, you can ask for in a betting platform. 

Deposit bonuses themselves are promotions in which you deposit a certain amount of money of your own, be it €10, €20, €50, or even €100. In return, you will receive one or more things from the betting site. Typically you will receive a percentage of your deposit as a bonus. Let’s say, for example, that the site you choose offers a 100% bonus, which means that if you deposit €100, that site will give you another €100 in the form of a bonus. And this bonus can come in various forms, you almost always get credits on the site, but there are also free spins and free bets to go with it.

Free Bets

Now let’s get down to what all players and bettors want: free spins and free bets. These two varieties have in common that they serve as virtual money to be used in slots (free spins) or in sports betting such as footballtennisboxing, or golf (free bets). 

They are known as virtual money because they belong to the betting site. You can get free bets after making a deposit, as part of a promotion, or because you are a loyal customer that the site wants to give something away. Of course, you can’t take these free bets to another site, nor can you simply redeem them for money without having played anything. Because what they are for is to give you a boost or open up possibilities to place bets that you couldn’t or wouldn’t place before. 

You have to bear in mind, and here we are also talking about deposit bonuses, free spins no deposit, or free bets. They are all tied to certain bonus conditions, which we will talk about below.

Free Bet Types

The type of free bet is critical when choosing the one that corresponds to our favorite bets. Because there is no point in selecting a variety of free bets if you can’t use them later on. Hence, there are four essential types of free bets useful for one thing or another.

Let’s take a look at the exact differences between welcome free bets, which you can use after your deposits. Then there is the no deposit free bet, which you can use if you don’t want to make a deposit before playing. You also have the matched free bet, which fits your own bet or stake. And finally, we’ll go to the risk-free bet, which you can imagine what that means!

Welcome Free Bet 

If you start at a betting site and decide to make a deposit, chances are that you have seen or have been convinced by a welcome bonus, which includes free bets. On sports betting sites, this type of promotion is really very common. 

Because on the one hand, you will get site credits or even cash, and on the other hand, you get free bets. These are an excellent option if you want to, say, place a €5 bet on football but only want to spend €2 and use €3 of free bets for the rest. 

To find out how to use each welcome bonus that includes free bets or consists only of free bets or free spins, you’ll just need to read the bonus terms and conditions, as always.

Free Bet No Deposit

2021 has asked for no deposit bonuses and free spins, and betting sites have offered them. With so much demand from new players who want to try betting sites without spending anything, free bet no deposit is now an industry standard.

Free bet no deposit means that you don’t have to spend your own money to place a bet online. The sites have realized the popularity of these bets, so they are becoming more accessible and easier to find. Even the conditions for these bonuses are getting increasingly better.

Matched Free Bet

A standard feature of almost all Irish bookmaker promotions is to offer matched free bets. These are especially useful for both the sites and the players because they guarantee a win-win balance. The punter deposits say €50, and the bookmaker matches it with free bets. 

This is why matched free bets appear so regularly in promotions. In fact, where you’re most likely to find a matched free bet is during tournaments, events, or specific championships that have special promotions.

Risk-Free Bet

Are you a bit scared of betting online for the first time? Well, don’t worry. Because betting sites know that some people don’t fully trust online betting, and that’s why they offer risk-free bets. This means that if you sign up to a new betting site and lose your first bet, the site will give you back the same amount in the form of a bonus or a free bet.

Obviously, this is a unique opportunity for those who do not know whether or not to bet on sport. Because thanks to the risk-free bet, there is never any danger of actually losing the money, but you always get that bet amount back.

Free Bets For Existing Customers

Did you think that free bets and free spins are limited to new customers? Well, think again. Because free bets are a heavyweight of the online gambling industry and sites want to reward all players, not just new ones. That’s why there are various promotions, events, and exclusive offers for existing customers.

This means that regular customers and players of the betting sites regularly have the opportunity to win a good amount of free bets. Below we will go through each of these ways to win free bets as an existing customer.

  • Loyalty Program: Loyalty programs are vital in both online casinos and sportsbooks. Because as well as being a way of making customers feel valued, it also gives them extra motivation to keep playing. In fact, there are even sites that reward their players with trips or restaurant vouchers, but only if they reach the highest levels. There are always plenty of free bets for everyone else, so they can bet on their favorite markets, much more than they thought they would.
  • Specific Events: Like loyalty programs, events are also part of the daily life of the betting sites. These events serve to add a bit of energy and entertainment to the site, often based around holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, or of course tournaments such as Texas Hold’emBlackjack, or Roulette. The prizes in these events or tournaments always include free bets or free spins, depending on the type of event.
  • Wagering Targets: Those who reach a target get a prize. That goes without saying, wherever it takes place. And the same applies to betting sites. Because existing customers are often told that if they reach a certain amount of wagering on the site, they will receive prizes in return. Among these rewards, the kings are free bets. This serves to motivate customers who already exceed a certain amount or need a little push to reach a specific goal.
  • Engagement: A widespread activity in bookmakers worldwide is engaging with customers, so they receive free bets. That means that particular markets, odds, and predictions come with rewards at certain times, which happens to be free bets. So, for example, if you bet on one of those predictions, you can get free bets in return.
  • Enhanced Odds: If what a betting site wants is to get better odds on sports markets, they will offer you boosts or accumulators. That means that you will have to bet on specific odds that they have chosen or put together to give more power to the current odds. If you win one of these boosts, then you usually get some excellent free bets.

Free Bet Terms

Well, now we’ve come to the boring part of the free bets. It’s time to talk about the terms and conditions attached to any free bets or free spins no deposit promotions you might come across. 

Bonus terms and conditions are a must. And it’s not that the betting site wants to bind you to their measures and requirements, but that these conditions really serve to lay the cards on the table and ensure that both sides are fair. This implies customer acceptance and clear, transparent, fair, and honest requirements from the betting site.

At Casinoble, we are specialists in verifying, analyzing, and testing the free bet conditions offered by betting sites. That’s why we want to share with you the most critical factors that make up the free bet terms.

  • Qualifying Bet: First of all, it should always be clear how much money the site wants from its customers. This is where the term qualifying bet comes in. Because of course, it is not the same to deposit €1 and wants €20 in free bets, as it is to deposit €20 and receive another €20 in free bets. That’s why you will always come across qualifying bets to start the bonus under fair conditions for everyone. But don’t worry, because every betting site will always display them in advance, so you know what you’re getting into.
  • Type of Bet: The type of bet, as you can imagine, is crucial. Because just because there’s a bonus written somewhere, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to redeem it anywhere. Betting sites offer their free bets and bonuses at specific locations and bet types, where you will have to place the bet, they will ask you to place. This is the only way to qualify for free bets as well.
  • Minimum Odds: A small element that will almost always appear at the beginning of the free bet terms is the necessary value of the odds that your bets need. Usually, bookmakers use this to avoid massive betting at very low odds and having to give away free bets to everyone. But don’t think that the minimum odds are enormous either, as the bookmakers just want to make sure that the free bet conditions are viable.
  • Specific Events: Just as there are particular types of bets, there are also events. Let’s say, for example, the football World Cup or the LoL World Championship is taking place. Betting sites will obviously not ignore these events and therefore always offer promotions that include free bets. Bear in mind that you will always have to bet on those events to get your free bets if you see promotions like this.
  • Winning Cap: Of course, there are also limits to the free bets you can win. That’s why there are winning caps, which will tell you exactly what the amounts are and where you can use the free bets. Luckily there are all kinds of winning caps, so you never have to feel limited.
  • Time Limit: If you have free bets in your account, it might be wise to use them as soon as possible or at least see how long they will last. Because the free bet terms will always tell you how long those free bets you’ve won will be worth. Bookmakers always ensure that the free bets are always on the move again, without accumulating in users’ accounts.
  • Wagering Requirement: Now, we come to one of the most talked-about aspects and the one that scares many punters the most: wagering requirements. These are usually the most sought-after line in all free bet terms. They serve to tell participants and qualified players how much money they will have to wager to win or withdraw cash and free bets. It is usual to find wagering requirements as low as 25x, but there are also 50x wagering requirements, which you should avoid.
  • Account Crediting: Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will usually want your free bets in your account as soon as possible. But it’s often not that quick. Many betting sites will tell you that you will have to wait a certain number of days or even wait for the promotion or event to end for them to be credited to your account. This can be annoying but think that it is only a matter of time before you receive free money!


How can I get free bets?

There are many ways to get both free bets and bonuses. However, the most common options are certainly the deposit bonuses and promotions on each betting site. So not only will you get free bets when you register on a platform, but you will also have them at your disposal when you become a regular customer.

What do I do if my free bets have an expiry date?

It is usual for free bets to have an expiry date, especially if they come from a bookmaker’s event. But don’t worry because most of the time you will have a week or more to use them. If you don’t use them, they will disappear or cease to be valid on your account.

When is the best time to use free bets?

Free bets can be beneficial for various occasions. The best situation is to use them to boost your initial bet by giving more value to a bet or giving away free bets to create accumulators.

Why do betting sites give away free bets?

Because it is an ideal marketing strategy to attract and entertain customers. In this way, customers and users of a site have the opportunity to play with more money, and the betting site has the chance to make them participate in events and register on the platform.

When do the free bets appear on the account?

That always depends on the betting site you have chosen. Typically, if you make a deposit bonus that includes free bets, you will automatically receive them once you have verified your account and are about to place a bet. Other free bets may appear after a promotion or an event you have qualified for.

Who offers the best free bets in Ireland?

If you’re interested in finding the best free bet offers in Ireland, then we suggest you take a look at our list of betting sites and online casinos that offer free bets in 2021. At Casinoble, we always choose the best platforms to guarantee you the best possible experience.

Where can I find free bets online?

Free bets are usually part of a welcome bonus, which can be found all over the internet or in forums or promotions on the site itself. At Casinoble, for example, we list not only platforms that offer free bets but also some of the best you’ll find in Ireland.

What is the difference between free bets and free spins?

The difference between the two offers is that free bets are linked to sports betting sites, while free spins are intended for slots. 

Is there a way to make money with free bets?

Sure! Free bets are like a virtual currency on the betting site for you to place real bets and win money. The only thing you have to take into account to get your money is the conditions of the free bets. As soon as you fulfill them, you will be able to get your money without any problems!

Can I register on one betting site and take the free bets to another?

No. That is impossible. Free bets are not like the euro or the pound. Free bets are part of a betting site, where they give you a certain amount of virtual money to use on their site. They are also tied to free bet terms, which will require you to meet specific requirements before you can withdraw them or convert them into real money.