League of Legends Betting Sites

Nowadays, League of Legends seems to be everywhere. It is not just a game, but in 2021 it is the eSports with the largest online community. This means that LoL has multi-million dollar tournaments and also impressive League of Legends betting sites.

But the truth is that for many people, eSports still sounds new. That’s why we want to talk about the basics of LoL in our guide. We’ll explain exactly which are the best League of Legends betting sites, the best bonuses, LoL apps, and of course, how to bet on the game in 2021. Don’t miss a thing about League of Legends in Ireland and let’s get to it!

Best Leagues of Legends Betting Sites

Establishing yourself as one of the top LoL betting sites this year is no easy task. eSports attracts so many fans and bettors, that there are thousands of betting sites vying for a shot at the throne and becoming the home of choice for the huge LoL community. But being a truly fantastic League of Legends betting site also comes with a lot of requirements.

At Casinoble we’ve got a few of those below, but until then, enjoy the best League of Legends betting sites in Ireland, which have absolutely everything you could want in eSports. We’re talking about betting sites with not only impressive markets and odds, but also features like eSports experts or even live streaming.

New League of Legends Betting Sites

The great thing about eSports is that it is a very new sport, which has not yet been adopted by all the big betting sites. That means that there are also sites, which are focusing entirely on games like CS:GO, LoL, or Dota 2. But still, you always have to be careful. And at Casinoble we are. That’s why we always carefully check and take care of any new LoL betting site we are going to recommend.

We want to guarantee our readers the best experience on all betting sites, especially if they are new and focused on eSports. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at the best new League of Legends betting sites. Only then will you be able to discover the best that the iGaming market has to offer in 2021!

Trusted Betting Sites

What’s the point of talking about eSports, if it’s not about reliable betting sites? It should be noted that along with the immense popularity that eSports betting sites have gained, there have also been a lot of problems. One of these problems is the trustworthiness and honesty of many sites. 

That is why we would like to explain to you below, what are the main requirements we demand from betting sites in Ireland. In order to be part of a Casinoble recommendation list, we will always make sure that each site meets exactly what we require. So you never have to worry about your new betting experience. Let’s take a look at the four most important factors and perhaps you can apply them to your next hunt for an online bookmaker as well.

License: There is nothing more fundamental to betting on eSports than a betting site that is licensed by a regulated authority. Here we are talking about either the Malta Gaming Authority or the British Gambling Commission. These serve not only to ensure that the sites offer legal betting, but also to protect you from any uncomfortable situations that may arise. At Casinoble, we always want to ensure that you play safely and in safe hands, which is why a license is everything.

Withdrawal Terms: Almost all sports betting sites make depositing very easy. But unfortunately, the same cannot be said about withdrawal terms. That’s why it’s important to pay special attention to them, because depending on the site, you will be affected by the time and the amount of money you will be able to withdraw. This greatly affects the experience on the site, as the withdrawal terms above involve many more aspects, which are essential to take into account.

Support: No online casino, betting site, be it LoL, footballboxing, or tennis, or even an online shop is serious and professional without good customer support. Nowadays, KYC speaks worlds on the internet, so we should always expect a good customer support that covers all our needs to solve problems and doubts. A trick to immediately know the professionalism of a betting site is in fact to contact the support as soon as possible and see what level they are at.

Independent Testing Agencies: Along with the license, there is a stamp on the betting sites, which will let you know right away if the site is good or not. This seal comes from independent testing agencies such as eCOGRA. These are laboratories that test and check every detail of gambling sites and online casinos. In order to guarantee every customer that the site really delivers what it promises. If you want to see right away if a site has this seal, then go to the bottom of the homepage and see if you can find it.

Betting Bonus

No bet is the same, if you can do it with a betting bonus. Both bettors and bookmakers know that. Which is why in 2021 there is an infinite amount of online bonuses. These bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, perfectly targeted to the needs of new bettors.

Below we would like to tell you about the two most popular betting bonuses of the moment. One is the deposit bonus and the other is the no deposit bonus. But, we will not only talk about that, we also have to explain you the basics about the terms and conditions. Because only when you have understood the terms and conditions of the bonus, you will know whether or not to accept a bonus from a betting site.

Don’t miss out on the best information you can get about the extra money that bookmakers want to give you!

  • Deposit Bonus: The most common and also the most famous of all bonuses will always be the deposit bonus. This bonus is found on almost all betting sites and online casinos, as it is very simple to use. You deposit a certain amount of money that meets the site’s requirements. And in return, the site will give you a percentage of your money. These percentages can vary a lot, of course. But you will usually find figures like 50% (which would be low), 100% (most often), and up to 200% (a very good bonus). If you accept a 200% bonus for example, then if you deposit €100, you will get another €200. And that’s just for depositing your money on the site.
  • No Deposit Bonus: The most famous bonus in 2021 is the very famous no deposit bonus. In contrast to the deposit bonus, with this one, you don’t have to deposit anything. But you will still get money. It’s true that you won’t get a lot, but enough to start betting. This bonus has become particularly popular with new customers of betting sites. As it really helps you to discover the site, without having to put your own money at stake right away.
  • Terms & Conditions: We said that terms and conditions are important. And we meant that in all sincerity. Because even though you may have accepted the terms and conditions of other websites, apps, or online shops a few times. The truth is that on gambling sites, the terms and conditions change everything. And it’s in the bonus terms and conditions that you’ll find out exactly how you can use the bonus. This means that it will tell you how long you have to use it, where you can use it, how many times you have to use it to convert it into real money, and many more key details. Because even if a bonus is powerful, it won’t do you any good if the conditions are too tough.

Free Bets on League of Legends

On League of Legends betting sites, free bets will always reign supreme. Free bets are also a favorite way to get your hands on money and more bets. Not only with LoL, but almost all sportsbooks include free bets in their catalogue of features to please all bettors.

To get an idea of what free bets are, you have to imagine virtual money or voucher. Which the betting site offers you to use only on the site itself. But free bets are not limited to one form. As there are dozens of variations such as ‘no wager free bets’, ‘mobile free bets’, ‘live free bets’, and many more. 

So you can always choose or search for the free bets that best suit your betting style, without having to fall into a promotion that will require you to convert free bets into thousands of euros before you can withdraw them as real money.

League of Legends Betting Apps

Like eSports, and especially LoL, mobile casinos and League of Legends betting apps have become more popular than ever. And the good thing is that, as eSports is already fully online, the apps have fit the needs of every user like a glove.

That’s why they are the number one platforms for betting on LoL in 2021. What’s more, many League of Legends betting apps also offer exclusive promotions and bonuses for mobile customers. This not only gives you the opportunity to bet wherever you like. But also enhances the experience, with even more features than usual.

Bet on League of Legends

Now let’s take a look at the most interesting thing about League of Legends. Which is how to bet perfectly on the sport. If you go to a LoL betting site, you’ll quickly see how complex they are and how they manage to cover every detail of the game. That’s why it’s essential to know how to bet well too. 

And that’s what we want to explain to you here at Casinoble. Where we’ll show you the best League of Legends betting options, the systems to guarantee winnings, live betting, the odds on LoL, and how to improve your betting with our three top tips.

Betting Options

Apart from the special bets that LoL is most famous for, you’ll also need to know the main markets to be able to create a betting system. These special bets are ‘First Blood’, ‘First to take Baron Nashor’, ‘Team to Destroy First Tower’. These are of course only available in League of Legends. But if you want to know which are the best ones to consider, then always look to see if you can find one of the following markets on the betting site of your choice:

  1. Moneyline Bets
  2. Tournament Bets
  3. Live Bets
  4. Handicap/Spread Bets
  5. Accumulator Bets
  6. Over/Under Bets

Betting Systems

Whether it’s LoL or any other game or sport, you can only win well if you have a betting system. Because while you may win from time to time with a few bets that you just find amusing, the truth is that to win in the long run, you will always need a secure online betting system.

A system that focuses on bets and markets will always improve your winnings in the long run. As it is about minimising your risks and making you win on just the bets you know best. So, before any betting session, always try to consider the system that suits you best.

Live Betting

Just as mobile betting is the most popular, so is live betting on all sports in the markets. And in eSports, live betting is especially popular as fans of the game are also very aware of everything that happens live. 

That’s why markets such as Tower Bets or Baron Nasher always stand out. Because depending on what is happening, it is also easier to follow live betting. Also, considering how many promotions and offers there are for live betting, this is a unique opportunity for LoL betting.

League of Legends Odds

It is true that League of Legends is very exciting. But currently, we are still at the beginning of the eSports era. That’s why there aren’t many sports betting sites that stand out for their specialised eSports odds. 

But it is true that there are several sites that know how to offer boosts and accumulators. In order to guarantee better odds. This is also easy to find for eSports. It’s true that we’d love to be able to find better odds for League of Legends in 2021.

Improve Your Betting

Now comes the key moment when we will show you how to improve your own betting with three very important tips. We’ve learned these tips from top sports betting experts, which are a perfect fit for any eSports market.

We suggest you always use these three tips before any bet you place. Because you’ll quickly see how quickly your winnings will change. 

Plus, you can always implement them alongside the strategies and tips you already have! Check them out!

  • Focus: When it comes to betting with real money, concentration and focus are everything. The same applies to sportsmen and sportswomen themselves as well as for bettors. Because the truth is that there are many distractions. Which can make or break a bet in the blink of an eye. So always be on your guard and never lose your focus before you take the plunge.
  • Information / Data: You will only become an expert one day when you fully master the sport or markets you are betting on. And that means knowing all the information and data. Because just like the traders on the betting websites, you also have to be an expert on the subject. To be able to stay on top of the odds and outcomes themselves. That’s why the best thing you can do is to follow every tournament, team changes, and even the locations where each LoL team will be playing or training.
  • Hedge Bet Live: A personal trick we have at Casinoble that almost always works perfectly is to bet on live hedge bets. This means betting on different odds and live markets. So that you are always assured of a profit and don’t have to risk on unexpected outcomes. Live hedge bets are a great way to play it safe. When you know that a live bet is guaranteed to win.

Online vs Offline

Playing online is the main trend for bettors. And the reasons are obvious. That’s why we at Casinoble specialise in everything online gambling entails. We always bring you all the best bonuses, casino games, payment methods, and sports of 2021. 

Offline betting is the traditional betting that you can find in bookmakers and also in casinos around your city. These have of course been greatly affected by the current health conditions. So they are not the safest option to place your bets.

Responsible Betting

At Casinoble we are always concerned about responsible betting. We want every one of our readers to be aware of responsible gambling. This is why we only offer guides, articles, and recommendations that prioritize the wellbeing of every gambler. 

If you feel that you are not able to control your gambling habits, then we suggest that you seek professional help. You will soon find yourself and the people around you having fun and being safe again.


How can I bet on League of Legends in Ireland?

There are several League of Legends betting sites in 2021, each one different from the other. But the best can only be found on one site; Casinoble. We bring you the best LoL betting sites in Ireland. Therefore, we invite you to check them out, to find perhaps even your new favorite one in 2021!

What do I have to do if I want a LoL bonus?

Betting with a bonus is always fun. That’s for sure. But knowing how to use one is another story. That’s why we suggest that if you have found a bonus for League of Legends, you should always first read the bonus terms or contact customer support, so you know how to use it and if it’s really worth it.

When can I bet on League of Legends?

Like almost all other sports, League of Legends has a huge range of online betting options. And since eSports is very trendy these days, you’ll easily find promotions to go hand in hand with what you’ve been looking for from LoL.

Why is eSports so popular right now?

It’s true that many people don’t know yet that eSports has currently the same amount of online gamblers as the NBA. And yet, eSports has only been around for a decade. But the sport is extremely famous around the world with games like League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, and Dota 2 with huge communities of fans.

What are the biggest League of Legends tournaments?

The three most important tournaments to bet on in LoL, which are held every year, are the World Championship Major, Mid-Season Invitational Major, and the All-Star Off-Season. These also attract the best League of Legends players in the world, along with the biggest prizes.

Who are the most famous LoL players of all time?

The 5 most famous players in LoL history are: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, Son “Smeb” Kyung-ho, Ming “ClearLove” Kai, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, and Bae “Bang” Jun-sik.

Where are the biggest LoL tournaments played?

League of Legends is played around the world, with special leagues and tournaments on almost every continent. However, the main markets are Europe, China, South Korea, North America, Brazil, and Japan.

What was the largest prize pool in League of Legends in 2020?

The biggest prize pool took place during the LoL World Championship in Shanghai. This prize pool was $2.34 million and the largest share went to DAMWON Gaming from South Korea, who won the championship.

Are there any League of Legends betting sites in Ireland?

Of course! There are hundreds of LoL betting sites in Ireland. Which not only have the best markets and odds, but also free bets promotions, and more! You will find all of these sites in our recommended lists of the best League of Legends betting sites on Casinoble.

Can I make a living betting online on League of Legends?

While it’s true that eSports betting is all the rage, we don’t want any of our readers to try to make a living betting on League of Legends or any other online betting environment for that matter. We want to promote responsible betting, which is why we offer only safe betting tips and advice so that you can have fun during every betting session.