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Pros & Cons of eSport Betting

  • One of the fastest growing sports.
  • Most of the most popular games are available.
  • Great focus on the most important tournaments.
  • Only a few betting sites offer eSports.
  • You must know the games before you bet.
  • Only major tournaments have great odds and markets.

eSport Betting Sites in Ireland

Everyone knows that iGaming has been a huge sensation these past few years, thanks to huge innovations and extraordinary companies.

Well, one of the biggest revelations has been eSport betting and as we are big fans of virtual sports, we bring you here the best guides and pages from Ireland.

On this page, you will discover not only the best eSport games and tournaments but also how to bet on the sport and the safest and most secure sites full of promotions – tested by ourselves.

Best eSport Betting 2024

Here’s a list of the top 10 best eSport Betting 2024

Casino Selections

Last Checked: May 19, 2024

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eSport Betting Sites

Nothing has revolutionized the world of betting quite like eSports.

This young sport has only been around for a few years and yet, it already manages to surpass NBA betting on a global level.

That’s why we’ve assembled our team of betting experts at Casinoble.

To bring you all the information you need or want to know about eSports.

To do this, we have gathered the best tips on the most popular games, odds, markets, the best betting sites, how eSports betting works, and also any questions you may have.

Don’t miss eSport Casinoble in Ireland, as this could be the start of your next betting adventure.

And for all you eSports fans out there, Casinoble will be continually bringing you the best reviews and analysis of games, events, tournaments, and more in 2024.

How We Review

Casinoble is not like any other comparison site on the internet. Our expert team has spent years focusing on getting you the best results from the best bookmakers around the world. Our goal is to bring you experiences and completely unique offers in 2024. To keep our selection process honest and transparent, we guide ourselves through several factors and requirements.

Here’s what we base ourselves on to know what to look out for when analyzing an Esports betting site:

  • Theme: The betting theme should not be forgotten when it comes to something as important and sensitive as online gambling. A fun site also brings fun experiences. That’s why the theme is essential to really appreciate the environment. Besides, eSports is an active and very modern sport. So you must expect to receive an excellent proposition from the betting sites.
  • Graphics: Nobody wants to jump into a website that looks like it’s from the 1990s. That’s why we always appreciate some good quality graphics, which make eSports betting all that more appealing.
  • Technology: We are in the 21st century, and technology surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. So how could we ignore it on Esport betting sites? Gambling sites must always have the latest technology trends to keep up to date with modern standards. That’s why we test the websites on different devices and browsers. So that we can always be sure of their efficiency and fluidity.
  • Entertainment Level: Getting bored on a betting site or getting lost is the worst thing that can happen to you. That’s why the entertainment level plays a key factor. A good Esport betting site will always know how to entertain bettors. Either through markets and odds or with various bonuses.
  • Betting Bonuses: If we put our money on a betting site, we also want something in return. And we are not just talking about the betting selection. We are talking about bonuses for all types of bets, whether it is a no deposit bonus or a cashback. This increases not only the interest in a sportsbook but also our trust in it.
  • Free Bets: The most sought-after feature of all bookies are free bets. Some of them advertise them on the internet and on TV. Others make it a bit more complicated. That’s why we always look for the best free bet offers. To guarantee you the chance to play with even more money than you expected.
  • Game Selection: Any expert gambler can tell you that it’s essential for a betting site to have an excellent selection of games. We’re not just talking about eSports games here, but also casino games. This distinguishes full-fledged platforms from those that just want to be part of the online casino trend.
  • Payment Methods: What good is a gambling site that only offers VISA or MasterCard? At Casinoble, we know how important it is to keep up with modern payment methods. That’s why we always emphasize the different payment methods.
  • Withdrawal Terms: It’s no use getting a bonus of €2,000 if you have to convert it into €80,000 just to withdraw the money. That’s why we always pay attention to how much a betting site requires in terms of withdrawal. The same also applies to casino bonuses or free bets. Where we make sure that the bonus conditions do not exceed specific wagering requirements.
  • Support Ways: Nowadays, we are all connected, and that also applies to a betting site. Considering that we are spending our own money, bookies need to offer more than one way to communicate with them. At Casinoble, we always look at whether sites also offer live chats, phone numbers, and much more. And not just at certain times of the day, but as much as possible throughout the year.
  • Customer Service: There is no good and honest online betting site with competent customer service. This is one of the most critical aspects of getting a bonus or during withdrawals. Customer service ensures a safe and fraud-free environment.

New eSport Betting Sites

New eSport Betting Sites

New eSport Betting Sites

Websites are popping up one after another on the internet, and many of them are betting sites.

Nevertheless, not all betting sites are good, especially not when it comes to something as unique as eSports.

That’s why we filter out all the good ones from the bad eSports betting sites and mobile sites.

To guarantee you the best betting experience possible.

All of these sites also have their requirements.

Among those requirements are, of course, the variety of games, markets, and odds.

However, the most important feature is that they have all licenses from an authority.

Among these authorities, we focus mainly on the British Gambling Commission and also the Malta Gaming Authority.

For a betting site to offer legal bets in the British Isles, it must always carry a license from the British Gambling Commission.

If a known or new site does not have this license, it cannot offer reliable betting.

That’s why we are always even more vigilant than usual in Ireland.

To ensure that every new eSports betting site we recommend has its license and is trustworthy.

Real Money Betting

Real Money Betting

What’s the point of betting on eSports without money? eSport is a sport like any other, which makes betting on it a thrill.

The games and especially the tournaments are there so that betting with real money is enjoyable from the very first second.

Besides, more and more eSport betting sites are introducing new bets.

Thus, allowing you to bet on specific details of the game.

Once almost everything was ‘Match Winner,’ ‘Outright Winner,’ or perhaps at most ‘Handicap,’ there is nearly everything nowadays.

For eSport fans, there are game-specific bets. Such as Tower or Dragon bets in League of Legends or first map bets in CS:GO.

In a few years, we can expect to see markets as complete as football on eSports betting sites, considering how games like Overwatch, Fortnite, or Dota 2 are growing.

Furthermore, talking about money, we must also take into account the amounts of money involved in eSports.

The current tournaments even manage to break Guinness world records, since the largest prize pools have reached up to 100 million dollars.

This shows that it is not just any sport that is going to fall among the rest.

Shortly, we can expect similar amounts to be commonplace in eSports betting.

Real Money Betting
Betting Bonuses eSports

Betting Bonuses

Betting Bonuses eSports

Like all online gambling, eSports also attracts big bonuses.

But not just for single matches, but for entire tournaments and much more.

Many eSport betting sites are specializing in creating specific events that purely involve eSports.

This has given the sport a weight that few other sports get to carry.

Of course, among the most famous bonuses are free bets, followed by welcome and deposit bonuses.

The most common online are free bets, as they fit perfectly with the style of eSports bettors.

Other sites welcome their players with welcome bonuses, which include a certain amount of money or bonus that is only available for this sport.

Then there are deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

The latter are the ones that are growing the most in recent months, as they attract players who are still afraid to gamble with their own money.

Let’s take a look at exactly how a deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus work:

  • Deposit bonus: The deposit bonus is the most basic of any online reward. You have to deposit your own money to receive a certain amount in addition. The deposit can be 50% of your deposit or up to 200%, which is not even that hard to find. If you get a 200% bonus, that means you will receive double your deposit in bookie credit or free bets. To make it easier, imagine you deposit €100, and the bookie offers you a 200% bonus with another €50 in free bets. This would mean you would receive another €200 in bookie credit, along with €50 in free bets that you can use on bets.
  • No deposit bonus: The ideal way to discover a casino or betting site in 2024 is through a no deposit bonus. This means that you won’t even have to deposit your money, as the site gives you a certain amount to try out their platform. Obviously, these amounts will never be massive, but they are enough to see if the site is good or not.

It is vital to note that all of these deposits and no deposit bonuses have bonus conditions and wagering requirements.

Free Bets

As we have said before, free bets are the focus of all sports betting.

No bookmaker is willing to lose punters just because they don’t want to offer free bets.

That’s why the internet is full of these offers, often concentrating on famous eSports tournaments.

The free bets themselves are the easiest thing to understand at sportsbooks.

You receive a certain amount of credit from the site, which you can spend.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can just take it and then withdraw it, as the sites require you to play with it.

Think of it as a voucher that you have to redeem at your favorite shop.

Even if it’s not real money, free bets are the best way to boost your bets.

This is especially useful if you decide to place multi bets or spread your bets over various eSports game or tournament stages.


To get an idea of how eSports odds work, you need to look at another sport that you are already familiar with in the betting world.

eSports is constantly growing, and betting sites are adapting to this.

So while we may not yet have all the odds we would like to have, we can slowly but surely see the market flourishing and really becoming a hotspot for eSports fans.

eSports Online

Betting Bonus

Unsurprisingly, eSports has its main focus online.

These are the first completely virtual sports, in which players do not work on their own physique and qualities but purely on the skills, they will have on the screen.

This has attracted the attention of both streaming sites such as Twitch and the most famous betting sites worldwide.

These bookies have gradually incorporated what was happening in the most enormous eSport environments, enabling betting on all the major tournaments of the different games.

In Ireland, eSports is also a considerable market.

Hundreds and thousands of fans of the top games have started to make a move to the betting sites, making it one of the most popular betting sites in the country.

It is clear that this is only the beginning, and the more games that make it to the mainstream, the more market and odds will emerge.

So far, there is already an impressive line-up of games, which we will show you one by one.

Betting Bonus

Biggest eSports


Biggest eSportss

Let’s take a look at precisely the games that have revolutionized the industry and currently have millions of fans worldwide.

Keep in mind that in addition to hundreds of tournaments, leagues, rankings, divisions, and other special events, the sport also has prize pools that easily exceed millions of dollars.

Here are the 11 best and most famous eSports games of 2024.

League of Legends


More than 100 million people play League of Legends every month.

The computer game is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, in which two teams of five players fight to destroy the opponent’s base.

It has more than 100 characters to choose from, called champions.

The map is always the same and is crossed by three roads connecting the two bases.

Creatures, called minions, emerge from them from time to time.

When they die near an opposing champion, they give you experience and if the champion gets the last hit, they also give you gold to upgrade your inventory.

Other uncontrolled monsters also provide gold and bonuses scattered around the map.

League of Legends is extremely popular with both casual and competitive players.

It is the most followed eSport in the world with leagues and franchises that give stability to professionals.




Counter-Strike of all eSports, it is the oldest.

Created almost by accident, this first-person shooter has been with us for 20 years now.

Two decades of success have served to polish its gameplay to the perfection of the original formula, embodied as never before in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the latest release in the series and, to all intents and purposes, the official “Counter.”

Counter-Strike’s approach is simple.

Two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists.

One team aims to plant a bomb and blow everything up and the other, to prevent it.

There is no need to specify who in this cops and robbers scenario is decided in a best of 15 rounds.

In CS:GO, games have two possible outcomes.

Either the anti-terrorists defuse the bomb and have a few beers to celebrate the end of the bad guys, or the terrorists take everyone out.

That is, as long as the terrorists have managed to plant the explosive before they die, which the cops can prevent by fast-tracking it.

Dota 2


Dota 2 is a free-to-play video game in the ARST (Action Real-Time Strategy) genre, also known as MOBA.

It is currently the most played video game on Steam, with 40 million unique players logging in almost daily.

It entered the Guinness World Record for the number of users and the amount of money offered in major eSports competitions.

The record was set at its The International in 2014 with an amount of $10 million.

Surpassed in 2015 by $18 million and in 2016 by no less than $21 million divided between the professional teams.

Today it is the eSports video game that distributes the most money in all official competitions.

The video game consists of a map with an Ancestor that must be defended to not end if it is knocked down.

It is protected by three main lines with three towers each and two central towers.

Each line has two barracks, one with distance Creeps (soldiers) and the other with melee Creeps (soldiers).

There are also alternative paths to collect gold with other neutral Creeps in a space called Jungle.

Your objective is to destroy the towers that allow you to reach the enemy Ancestor and break it to win.


Call of Duty


At the height of the battle royale video game boom, Activision developed and launched its own title in the hot genre: Call of Duty: Warzone.

2020 saw the arrival of a new take on a saga that was as popular as it was successful.

Less than a year later, plans to make the shooter an official eSport have been announced and it will be part of the Call of Duty League in 2024.

The Call of Duty League’s director of leagues, Johanna Faries, has spoken about the future of the competition, both competitively and in terms of variety and format.

While she dropped the bombshell of the impending inclusion of Call of Duty: Warzone, it is still unknown how the free-to-play battle royale will play out in the league.

StarCraft II

Starcraft II has, for many years, been the king of esports, not least because it has remained surprisingly popular in Asia.

Before League of Legends came along and took everything by storm, the king of eSports was Starcraft.

Blizzard’s sci-fi real-time strategy title continues to enjoy its full support for its competitions.

Having their world finals each year’s Blizzcon in Anaheim, California, always dominated by Korean players.

Starcraft II will be 10 years old and five years since its last expansion, Legacy of the Void, but it still has a large community of players.

Moreover, since November 2017, it is free to play (the complete original game, Wings of Liberty, with its first campaign, if you want the two expansions with the other two campaigns, you will have to pay for them).

This has encouraged many new players to take up this galactic strategy epic.


PUBG, as it is better known due to its long and awkward name, proposes a game alone, with a friend, or in a group (3 or 4 players maximum), whose objective is to be the only survivor.

A total of 100 players are dropped on an island from a noisy plane without any weapons or objects.

This makes it one of the all-time most fascinating eSport games.

The basis of the game is already sound, but another thing that has made it so famous is the influencers.

Practically everyone has been creating content for the new PUBG: favorite YouTubers, very popular streamers, professional gamers from all walks of life in their spare time.

No one wanted to miss out, and the community itself has fed back into it.

The social networks also collapsed at the first moment.

It is not uncommon to see thousands of screenshots every day with the famous “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” that appears when you manage to win a game.


FIFA is one of the most essential video console games in the world.

Importance is reflected in the sales statistics.

The annual version of FIFA is always on the podium of the best-selling games of the year.

An example of this is the monthly rankings of the Video Game Association, in which this Electronic Arts saga always appears as one of the best-selling video games of the month.

However, being the best-selling videogame does not automatically make you one of the best games in eSports, and FIFA is well aware of this.

While the top video games in the eSports sector accumulate championships and followers, FIFA seems to be relegated to being one of the secondary players in the scene.

However, there is one thing that stands out.

There have been many and significant investments for the competitive version of this video game to climb positions within the eSports ranking in recent months.

This is mainly thanks to famous football players and influencers making this eSport game more and more popular.


Overwatch was considered ‘the best game of 2019’.

It’s not just us saying so, but the judges of several awards show and, above all, the members of The Game Awards jury.

The so-called ‘Oscars of videogames.’

Overwatch was the GOTY several times and, moreover, a real surprise, as it is an exclusively multiplayer game created for eSports.

Blizzard is a company with a very long history in eSports.

Not that the company itself has been too involved in eSports (in fact, they were a bit of a latecomer).

Their games have been the subject of competition for a very long time.

The game shines as a cartoon-style shooter that brings thousands of unique features to eSports.

That is why it is already becoming one of the heavyweights in the industry.


Blizzard Entertainment’s online collectible card game, Hearthstone, began to be played professionally quickly after its launch in March 2014.

It is played as an eSport, with competitive tournaments such as the official Blizzard World Championship.

The total prize pools go up to US$1 million, and live streamers can earn money by broadcasting the game on Twitch.

Live streaming is their primary source of income for many professional Hearthstone players, rather than tournament earnings.

In 2014, Kinguin project coordinator Giovanni Varriale stated that Hearthstone was one of the most popular games on Twitch, with “thousands of people spending hours watching the best players in action.”


Just a couple of years ago, Epic Games’ battle royale was only available on PC and was often considered a mere clone of Playerunknown’s Battleground, the genre’s first great colossus.

Today, and despite the logical attrition that even the most successful games go through, we can say with conviction that Fortnite is a mass eSports phenomenon and not just a fad.

This is attested to by the latest report, which gives Fortnite the victory for revenue and profits in the video game industry.

The battle royale raked in some $1.8 billion in 2019.

An impressive figure that is, however, overshadowed by the game’s significant decline compared to 2018.

Fortnite set a new market record with revenues of $2.4 billion in that year, an amount no one had ever managed to come close to before.

This represents a 25% decline compared to 2018.

Rainbow Six

Since the release in 2015 of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, a lot has changed in the eSports scene.

The eSports landscape has moved on in leaps and bounds.

It saw the consolidation of some games and the emergence of new alternatives.

Indeed, over the past four years, Ubisoft’s game has earned a place in the international competitive scene in its own right.

2019, in particular, is the year of Rainbow Six Siege, a title that has made it into the top 10 most influential PC games of the year.

Ubisoft seems to have understood that Rainbow Six Siege’s time in eSports is now.

With the stagnation of the Overwatch League, a gap is opening up to get closer to CS:GO, the undisputed leader of the genre, which, despite its age, continues to improve its numbers month after month.

It remains to be seen what will happen with the emergence of Project A.

The shooter from Riot Games promises to turn the genre on its head by fusing the best of Overwatch with the keys to Counter-Strike’s success.

How to Choose an eSport

How to Choose an eSport

As you can see, choosing an eSport game can be pretty complex.

That’s why we will give you four factors that will always help you when placing your eSports bets.

These factors also apply to other sports and online betting.

So take notes and apply them to your next bet:

How to Choose an eSport
  • Hedging Bet: Experienced bettors always know precisely how to cut their losses. A perfect way to do this is through a hedging bet. This involves splitting your bets into smaller amounts and placing them on lower-risk bets. This will help you improve a lot more in the long run, even if it is slower.
  • Observe: Don’t bet just because you feel it in your gut or because of the odds. It is crucial that you also watch every bet, game, or event. Only then will you know if the odds in front of you are worth it or not.
  • Data: All eSport experts understand that the essential thing in sport is performance, performance, and performance. eSport teams win and lose often, and that can completely change the outcome of a result. That’s why you always have to check the data of what has happened and what will occur.
  • Betting Options: Never limit yourself to what you know or what is easy. eSports is very comprehensive, and the live betting arena is full of options. That’s why you should always be aware of the options available to you. Because if you know what will happen at any given moment during a game, you will be able to use it to your advantage.

Become a Bet Expert

Becoming a betting expert is no easy task, and anyone who has ever gambled knows that.

There are millions of factors to take into account, and not everything depends on luck alone.

To get you on the right foot into the world of expert betting, we at Casinoble will quickly explain what you need to consider.

This will help you not only improve your eSports betting but your overall betting skills.

Take note of the following four points and try to apply them whenever and wherever you can to your subsequent bets.

You will see that in no time, you will have taken your betting to the next level, putting behind you the days when you simply bet your money on the first thing you saw.



Everything in this life depends on our focus. Our abilities and even our luck change depending on where we focus ourselves. That also applies to betting, of course. Because to achieve personal improvement on the betting sites, it is essential to know how to stay focused. This is the only way to see improvements in the short and long term. Any expert, and not just those at Casinoble, will assure you that focus is the factor that changes everything in the world of betting, and that also applies to betting online.



There is no point in betting on something without knowing it. That’s a waste of money. If you want to start betting on eSports, you have to know what it is all about. That’s why we recommend that you always keep a close eye on what’s going on in eSports environments, besides all the other ones that involve gambling. This is the only way to stay ahead of the odds and market outcomes. You will find that as soon as you have improved your knowledge of a particular game, everything will change when it comes to putting your money on the line.



Of course, there are casino players who have become multi-millionaires with a single bet. But that doesn’t mean it happens to everyone. In fact, it’s one of the least likely things that can happen to you, and you’ll know it all too well by now. But there are plenty of online gamblers who manage to make impressive winnings, always using the time to their advantage. So, never be in a hurry to bet, and don’t do it impulsively. Try to think things through and always use focus and knowledge to your advantage.



eSports are very interactive games. It is not enough to just look at the markets before a match or tournament, as everything can change from one day to the next. That’s why the main focus is on live betting in eSports. These bets are much more complex but also versatile. The odds have to shift depending on what is happening at any given moment. If you know how to bet well, it will always be to your advantage.

Become a Bet Expert

Responsible Betting

At Casinoble, our top priority is always to provide responsible gambling.

Although we are a team of experts who recommend betting-related things, we always want players in Ireland to be in a safe environment.

That’s why we always make sure that our articles, recommendations, guides, and more are never aimed at minors or people with previous gambling addiction problems.

Only by doing so can we provide a healthy and honest environment for people interested in gambling, casino, and sports-related topics.


eSports is like any other sport you want to bet on. Although it is still a reasonably young variety, you can easily bet on eSports at the best betting sites in Ireland. If you want to keep an eye on those sites, check our recommendations at Casinoble Ireland.

To find out exactly where to bet on eSports, you first need to be sure whether or not the site offers legal betting in Ireland. To do so, the site must be licensed by at least the British Gambling Commission. All eSports betting sites on Casinoble have the necessary licenses and features for perfect legal eSports betting.

The eSports markets on the betting sites are always active, and with everything going on in the sport daily, you will always be able to find a game or tournament that interests you. That’s why you can always visit a site that offers eSports betting and start whenever you want.

The world of eSports has grown dramatically over the last few years and especially in 2024. This is because video games attract millions of fans and, with that, a lot of money. Of course, this is also of interest to betting sites, so eSports is considered a significant factor in betting in Europe.

eSport tournaments take place all year round. But depending on the game or event, betting sites may or may not be interested in highlighting it. Keep an eye on the big eSport tournaments’ schedules and make sure to bet on the most important ones of the year as they attract the best odds.

Many betting sites focus on eSport as one of the main markets. That’s why we suggest you check out our list of eSport betting sites to find out exactly which ones offer the best bonuses and a variety of games.

To start betting on eSports or if you want to sign up to a site that will give you a bonus to use on the sport, the best thing to do is to take a look at the bonuses offered by our recommended bookmakers. We have selected from the best in Ireland to bring you the bonuses you’ve been looking for.

The two main games with the largest eSport communities are League of Legends and CS:GO. These two games are the biggest names in esports and are the place to be for eSport betting at the moment. There are plenty of tournaments that bring out the best in both professional teams and betting sites.

More and more games are being added to the bookmakers’ betting schedules in 2024. That’s why you can be sure to see more and more names of famous games. One of the surprises, for example, was Fortnite, thanks to its substantial global fame.

No one knows what will happen to eSports. What we do know is that eSports is growing like Bitcoin this year. So maybe in the future, eSports will become as big as football or even more prominent.

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