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When you play online casinos, you are required to make deposits when you play with real money. There are several payment methods and providers available to choose from. One of those payment methods is pay by phone

Casinos supporting Pay by Phone

Best casinos with pay by phone are

  1. Jonny Jackpot
  2. Captain Spins
  3. Casigo
  4. Videoslots
  5. Twin
  6. SpinAway
  7. LuckyDays
  8. LeoVegas

Payment method varies from one site to another; some sites might offer a particular method not offered by another. Debit cards, Visa, wire transfer, and PayPal are examples of standard payment methods offered by online casinos.

However, the primary focus of this article is pay by phone method. This method is quite different from all others because it employs a concept that allows you to use a third-party CPU that works with your phone carrier. 

In simple terms, pay by phone is a method of payment accrued out using your mobile phone whereby you can make deposits in online casinos with your phone bill or credit. This method is an improvisation on the conventional methods like eWallet or debit card. Zimpler and Boku are some of the popular processors. 

Pay By Phone

Due to the upsurge and advent of smartphones and other technological advancements in mobile gaming, pay by phone method of casino deposit is now widely known. And its popularity keeps rising.

To be up-to-date with these technological advances, most online casinos have improved their sites to work flawlessly on mobile phones. New payment methods have also cropped up due to this innovation to make mobile play convenient and easy. 

How Pay By Phone Works

To use this payment method, you must check for casinos that offer it and choose such casinos. Then follow the steps below. 

  1. Sign up for an account with a casino support processor.  
  2. Then deposit into your account. It is easy to make deposits, select your preferred processor from the list available, and then choose the amount of deposit you would like to make.  
  3. Afterward, you will have to type in your phone number. Once you do, a confirmation code will be sent to you; you are expected to enter the code in the casino baking or security section.

The result is a seamlessly funded casino account, while charges will be drawn from your phone bill. You can clear up these charges at your next payment date.

Billing Methods in Pay by Phone

Many players prefer pay by phone payment over other methods because it is a fast and secure deposit method. Some other players also like it because they can pay without necessarily revealing their bank details. 

Pay by phone has two different forms; the one you choose will depend on your contract and network.

Pay by Mobile Phone Bill 

This is the most common method as it allows players to make deposits to the casino of their choice without having the money at that exact moment.

Rather than charge them instantly, the casino will charge the player the total amount of their deposit the next time they get their mobile phone bill.

People who use this method the most are those who are placed on set monthly phone contracts. 

Pay Using Mobile Phone Credit

Players who use pay-as-you-go mobile phone contracts often use this payment method. They are required to top up their phone through phone credit. 

When players use this payment method, they limit their bankroll to their mobile phones’ remaining credit. This implies that the players have already set a particular amount of money they want to spend. So they get to control their betting range. 

Other billing methods of paying by phone include;

  • Boku: this method allows players to pay for items using their mobile phones and other mobile devices like iPad. This method has always proved to be efficient; hence, it is employed by many casinos around the world.
  • Payforit: this method also focuses on payment from your phone account. Players get to pay for casino services online with a 3G or 4G connection. You are required to link your number to the payment platform. Payforit processor automatically saves your number so that you do not have to input them again when next you want to play. 
  • PayViaPhone: all you need to do here is to download the processor app. The app allows you to make quick payments to your preferred online casinos as long as they have the option on their app. When using this payment method, players can decide to charge a mobile bill or credit card. If a player does not wish to hold on till the following phone bill cycle before being deducted, he can choose to deduct payment from the mobile phone balance. 
  • Zimpler: this method is similar to Boku as it permits you to pay bills via your mobile phone. This method collects all your info and links it with your mobile phone number. This linking helps players to keep track of their expenses seamlessly. This method is excellent for players who love to monitor and control their spending in online casinos. 

Max and Min Deposit in Casinos

We have mentioned the pros of pay by phone method earlier in this article. We mentioned that players find it attractive because it is safe. Fast and secure. 

However, there is a limited amount of deposit one can make using pay by phone method in reality. High rollers might choose to use other methods like Neteller. 

For instance, Siru, Payforit, and Boku allow players to make a 30 euros maximum deposit per day. Network providers do not love to add that much amount to be added to phone bills. This limit is on the positive side as it prevents you from making deposit mistakes and helps you gamble responsibly.  

Although most casinos do not charge players who use Pay by Phone payment methods, players are always advised to check the conditions and terms to be sure they will not be charged.

Max and Min Withdrawal in Casinos

Players cannot make withdrawals from online casinos using pay by phone services like Payforit and Boku, so they must opt for other bank transfer methods.

Transaction Times in Online Casinos 

Pay by phone method is popular because of its speed. Players only need to input their mobile number on the page, wait for a text which contains a verification code, and enter it at the online casino. Once players complete the deposit, it will be immediately displayed in their casino funds.

Fees in Casinos

As we stated earlier, most online casinos do not levy any fees on players who use the pay by phone services. However, you should take time to read the casinos’ FAQs pages to make sure that the casinos do not charge fees for making deposits with mobile billing.

Is it Safe to Pay by Phone?

Yes, most pay by phone payment methods in online casinos is safe. This is to say that you can do your online betting on these casino sites. First, you don’t have to provide online casinos with your banking information to use this method. This means there is no chance of a third party getting into your account to withdraw your cash. 

But as we have everywhere, there are always bad eggs; you need to be on the lookout and avoid fraudulent casinos. Try to confirm the authenticity of an online casino before using their pay by phone service. An easier option is to use one of the Ireland casinos as they have been deemed secure and reliable by our experts.

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Benefits of Pay by Phone

There are numerous benefits you stand to gain by using this payment method in online casinos. A few of these include: 

Fast Deposits
  • Deposits made in pay by phone casinos are almost instantaneous. The only time it takes quite long is when you are trying to create an account with them for the first time. If you have an account with them, you can deposit within the twinkle of an eye. 
  • The time taken to deposit using pay by phone is way faster than conventional payment methods like bank wires and credit cards. For example, credit card deposits can take a lot of time; there might also be glitches like the reversal of money and the likes. With the pay by phone casino payment method, you get to bet real money faster as it is super-fast.
Deposit Now and Pay Later
  • Many players find this option enticing because they can play even when they do not have enough money and get to pay later. It is a form of credit enjoyed which people who use credit cards enjoy.
  • The difference here is that you deposit the money into your betting account, but you pay for it when your next phone bill comes. All you need is to have it in mind that you will have to ultimately pay the bill. 
High Level of Security
  • Pay by phone casinos are super safe to use. This secure feeling is because there is no need to input your credit card information or credit card detail, unlike in traditional online casinos.
  • People who use traditional payment methods like PayPal often fear being conned because they expose their credit card details when they make a payment. There is no such case in the pay by phone method.
  • So, in rare cases, when an online casino is hacked, you do not have to fear that your personal information is being compromised. Neither do you have to fret about your bank information or credit card details being stolen by hackers.

Drawbacks of Pay by Phone

After we have mentioned all the advantages of using pay by phone payment method, here are some disadvantages. It is only fair that we tell you about the cons and leave you to decide whether you can cope with the cons and go with the pros instead or choose another payment method.  

Below are some of the drawbacks to watch out for when using Pay by Phone casinos. 

Limited Phone Providers
  • There is a limitation to the number of mobile phone providers that function with processors like Boku and Zimpler to give room for their users to bill their casino fees to their mobile phone account.  However, some providers like Three, Vodafone, and Virgin Mobile allow pay by phone services.
  • If your cellular provider does not allow your charges to be billed to your phone, you are not lucky. But you can change your mobile provides or switch to an online casino that allows traditional payment methods.
Limited Casinos
  • Today, there are many online casinos, but not many of them have embraced the latest advancement in payment method, which is the pay by phone method. So players who love to use this option have limited options to select from.
Not Being Able to Make Withdrawals Using Phones
  • As incredible as it is to make deposits with your phone, you still have to use traditional methods to make withdrawals when you win. There is currently no system in place to enable players to withdraw using their phones.
  • But we believe that technological advancements will allow players’ winning to be posted to their phone as a credit in the nearest future.
Limited Countries
  • Pay by phone payment option is not available in many countries of the world due to various constraints from cellular providers in those countries. You can get pay by phone casinos only in few selected countries.

FAQs Pay by Phone

Will I be able to claim my winnings via my phone?

Sadly, no, you cannot. There is currently no system in place for phone withdrawals because it is quite complicated. People with big winnings will prefer to withdraw cash than to have it credited as a phone balance. For now, you have to use other withdrawal methods offered by casinos.

Is pay by phone bill casino suitable for everyone?

Yes, if the person can cope with low deposit limits (usually ranging from 10 euros to 30 euros) and no withdrawals.

Is there a bonus in pay by phone casinos?

There is a minimal amount of bonus available for you because of the deposit limits. The best bonus can be just 50 euros.

Does pay by phone bill have any restriction?

The significant difference is that there is a limited deposit of 30 euro per day. Players may also need to prove that they have paid their bills fully before they can withdraw their winnings.
Although this helps you control your gambling and avoid overbilling, asides from this limitation, the pay by phone method work like every other payment form.

Is there any fee attached to pay by phone deposits?

It depends on the casino; some charge a small fee while other does not charge at all.

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