Craps – short history about the casino game

Craps is a lively casino dice game in many countries. A common belief is that the game is a variation of the game originated as an old English game called Hazard, which is considered a derivative of French Crabes. The basic premise of the game is where the player bets on the results of the roll of two dice.

There are variations to the game craps with street craps, casino craps, and online craps being the most common. Of the three versions, street craps are the most casual where the betters can play anywhere. The online version is the most modern version, where it is a combination of the three forms of craps with some added features to simplify the game for online users.

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The live casino game of craps has its roots as an early-English game with the English nobleman Sir William of Tyre as the inventor. Back then, the game was called Hazard and was played by knights to pass the time. There is also evidence that a variation of the game dates back to Roman times, where the Roman Legions play a similar game where the players made the dice out of bones. The players throwing the dice to see the results is where the term “throw the bones” originated.

The popularity of the game spread through the Middle Ages in England, even the renowned author Geoffery Chaucer mentions the game in his literary masterpiece, Canterbury Tales. By the late 1600s, luxury gambling establishments started to host the game of Hazard. The game eventually attracted the attention of the French, who changed the name to crabs.

There is a debate on how the game of craps made its way to America. There is no doubt the game spread south to Louisiana by Frenchmen who lost the colony of Acadia in the now renamed territory of Nova Scotia. There are also rumors that the game came to America on the Mayflower.

By the 1800s, African-Americans developed their version of the game, which has modern elements within gameplay. The arrival of craps in New Orleans also changed the game. In 1805, a young gambler from a wealthy family by the name Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville simplified the game. In the game Hazard, the shooter can choose any number from five to nine. In the new version, it is always seven.

In 1907 a man named John H. Winn made a breakthrough by making changes to the game where players can be right or wrong and created a new layout on the playing area called Don’t Pass, which allows players to bet with the shooter or against the shooter. For many years, casinos took advantage of the game by using unfair dice. This new system makes the game fair and the use of loaded dice meaningless. John H. Winn is now known as the Father of Modern-Day Craps.

In the 1930’s America’s gaming industry exploded with the legalization of gaming in Nevada. Craps became extremely popular due to its excitement of every player gets a chance to throw the dice.

The game craps is an intimidating game due to its complex betting rules. The online casino industry has made it available for players to get their feet wet by creating online resources on how to play. New players have access to a whole host of information like betting strategies, rules, and odds. One aspect of the game that is missing is the excitement that occurs between the shooter and the better. The audience loves to cheer on the shooter that is on a winning streak.