Ezugi Live Keno: What to Expect



Welcome to the thrilling world of Keno by Ezugi – a live-streamed game from Latvia that's changing the online casino landscape. As an expert in the casino industry, I'm here to guide you through this unique gaming experience. Let's dive into what makes Ezugi's Keno a must-try for online gambling enthusiasts.

High-Definition Streaming: A Game-Changer

Ezugi's Keno is not just any game – it's a high-definition live stream straight from the studio. This top-notch video quality elevates your gaming experience, offering two modes:

  • Full-Screen Mode: For an immersive experience
  • Classic Mode: For a traditional feel

Unlimited Access: A New Era in Online Gaming

Ezugi sets itself apart by allowing unlimited players to join. This inclusivity means no one misses out on the fun – a stark contrast to the player limits often found in other online casinos.

Language Accessibility: Breaking Barriers

Ezugi understands the importance of inclusivity, offering Keno in six languages, including English. This broadens the game's appeal, ensuring language is never a barrier to entertainment.

24/7 Availability: Your Casino, Anytime

The game's round-the-clock availability means the fun never stops. Ezugi's commitment to constant access keeps the excitement alive, setting a standard others find hard to match.

Social Features: Enhancing Player Engagement

Keno's invite/share tools foster a community spirit among players. These features not only enhance accessibility but also enrich the gaming experience.

Legality and Regulation: Your Trust, Our Priority

Ezugi's commitment to legal and ethical gaming is unwavering. Keno is licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming, ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment. Additional certifications from RSG-Eclipse, ItechLabs, SCG-Bulgaria, and BMM reinforce this commitment.

Game Features: Tailored for Operators and Players

  • Configurable Limits: Operators can set flexible deposit limits, catering to a diverse range of players.
  • Customizable Jackpot: The jackpot's flexibility empowers operators to meet specific needs.
  • Unique Ball Selection: Each game can have a distinctive twist, enhancing player engagement.

Live Chat: Fostering a Community

The live chat option is a standout feature. It allows players to interact with dealers and each other, creating a vibrant, communal atmosphere.

Conclusion: More Than Just Numbers

Ezugi's Keno transcends traditional gaming, offering an engaging, inclusive, and versatile platform. With its high-definition streaming, language diversity, and 24/7 availability, Keno by Ezugi is a game-changer in the online casino world.


  1. Is Keno by Ezugi available in different languages? Yes, Keno is available in six languages, including English.

  2. Can I play Keno by Ezugi at any time? Absolutely! Keno is available 24/7, so you can play anytime.

  3. Is live chat available in Keno by Ezugi? Yes, live chat is available, allowing players to interact with the dealer and each other.


Ezugi's Keno is more than a game; it's a bridge connecting players globally with its high-definition streaming, language options, and social features. Dive into this unique gaming experience and see why it's a standout in the online casino world.



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