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Monopoly, the world’s most popular board game by a wide margin, will now be available at Live Casino, courtesy of Evolution Gaming.

What Is It?

This game is a hybrid of other games. It combines the board game Monopoly with the Wheel of Fortune game. The way it works is that a live host spins a considerable wheel that’s been propped up vertically so that you can see its face. Gamers then try to predict where the game will stop.

Monopoly live - screenshot wheel

Where Can I Find It?

You can play the game online at any site that’s offering it. The game is entirely virtual, and all you do is log on to the site, and you’re off on your gaming adventure.

How Do I Play?

After you log on to the site at the right time, you take a look at the wheel with its 54 parts. Then, you pick one of the segments with a number on it. You place the bet that you want for that segment, and then the live host spins the wheel.

If the wheel stops on your segment, you win and get a payout. Other segments have other options which can further your potential winnings, including getting more rolls or other options. One of these is called the “chance” segment.

This is where the monopoly part comes in. A character named “Mr Monopoly” shows up and draws a Chance card. If this shows you a cash prize, then everyone playing wins that much cash. Or another thing that can happen is that the card shows a multiplier as well. This means that any winning you make on the next spin is multiplied by that amount.

Another attractive option that you can choose is instead to place your bet on something besides a number. If you choose one of the “rolls,” for example, if the wheel stops on this, then you go into a bonus game. This came and puts you onto a Monopoly board. Then, the host rolls dice, and you move along the board based on where the dice stop. This plays out in a manner somewhat like the original game.

The character of Mr Monopoly will move along the board, and you get prizes based on where he lands, such as in a hotel or a house in a three-dimensional, virtual world. If you run out of dice rolls, then the side game ends, and everything goes back to the regular wheel spin.

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Playing Step by Step

The way you start out playing once you’re logged in usually starts with checking which chip you want in terms of value. Then, once you’ve selected the chip's value, you choose where you want to place it on the wheel.

At this point, once everyone else has placed a bet, the host spins the wheel. If it lands on the number you picked, then you win, simple as that. Then, you can bet again once the round ends when there’s a delay of under a minute between rounds.

Other options include using the “Bet On All” feature, which will place a bet on the numbers from 1 to 5 and also on the roll sections. This is often a strategy for people who bet low amounts to increase the odds of winning something beyond their initial bet. There’s a handy button for doing it if you want to do it quickly between rounds.

Overall, it’s a fun game that you can win huge prizes on, and most places will let you sign up quickly and get going right away.

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