How the Martingale System works for Roulette

Gambling is fun. At any given moment one can double whatever the amount that is wagered. The sparkling lights, the nice customer service, and most importantly the thrill. There are many different live casino games at live casinos. Roulette is one of the few casino games that has a low house edge. A well-known system called the Martingale System is rumored to allow players to flip the odds and beat the house. Is that really the case?

Microgaming - Roulette

How the Martingale System works for Roulette is that for every time one loses a bet betting on either black or red, they double the bet and bet on the same color. Given enough bets on the same color, one is bound to win their minimum bet back. For example, if one loses $1 on black, they will double their bet to $2 and bet on black. If they lose again, they will double their bet again to $4 and bet on black. If they win they will be up a dollar. In theory, as long as they have enough money to keep doubling their bets until a win, every time they win they will be up 1x the minimum bet. In reality, the casino limits the bet sizes to a certain multiple of the minimum bet. This means once one hits the limit they will not be able to double their bet anymore and they will lose a huge amount.

Using the Martingale System is like picking up pennies on a railroad track. One will have constant small wins. However, when a train does come and hits that person, it’s game over for them. Let’s say it takes 10 consecutive losses to reach the maximum bet on Roulette. This will not happen very often, and one will win small bets for quite awhile. However, when the 10 consecutive losses do occur, all the money and some more will be lost. In other words, unless one has enough money and the house doesn’t cap the maximum bet, the Martingale System will not work.

Beating the casino is like a fairy tale come true. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Most casinos have maximum bet limits on their Roulette games. The Martingale System will not work on those Roulette games. It is best to keep casino games as a source of fun and entertainment rather than a source of steady income or a way to get rich fast. If playing against the house, the house will always win.