SuperWheel from Play n’ GO

Super Wheel is a new game from Play’n GO that will get online casino enthusiasts excited for sure. Essentially, you get to play a game from the revolutionary Play’n GO people who never fail to disappoint. Here’s some information about the game and the developer.

Super Wheel - Table PlaynGO

Super Wheel

This game is one that players experience online. The live casino game involves a large wheel where players try to pick how the numbers on the wheel are3 going to land. The first thing players will notice when they either play the game or play the demo is that the symbol for the game is fantastic. It has huge gold letters and a four-leaf clover in the middle that has transparent parts in each leaf. Under the clover is a 6 pointed star that has what looks like a galaxy in it. Behind that is a blue sunburst on a field of dark blue with a white and grey border around it to complete the symbol, making it look like a wheel.

When players hit the blue button to begin playing the game, the introduction starts up and it loads. Then there’s the option to hit the blue continue button as well as selecting to not show the intro with the instructions on how to play again.

A woman’s voice is heard saying “place your bets please,” and then the game starts up. Players can then select from a few different numbers, all of which represent different odds in the game. So, for example, the number 1 is a bet that players can make, and the number 1 is half of all numbers in the game, which means that this is offering a 50/50 or 1:1 bet. Then there’s the number 2, which is a third of all the numbers on the board, and this is offering 3 to 1 odds as well as a third of all numbers on the board. The same is true of the 5, the 11, and the 23. There’s also the option to choose one of the symbols of a horseshoe or a 4-leaf clover similar to what’s on the symbol. After placing bets, players will then click the green button to spin the wheel.

There’s the sound of the wheel spinning, and then it will land wherever. If it lands on where the player has placed a bet, then the game plays out and the player ends up with more chips that just appear next to the number, and then back in the player’s balance. The wheel itself is rather striking in appearance as it has the special 4-leaf clover symbol everywhere. It also has the star and sunburst symbol right in the middle where the center of the wheel is located.

Play’n GO

Play’n GO is one of the foremost casino game developers around. They are known for not skimping on graphics when it comes to their games. They have others besides Play’N Go, such as the Sword and the Grail game that has a medieval feel to it, for example. All the style elements much the medieval feel to the game such as the way the symbols that come up in the reels look, for example, as well as the magical and fantasy elements. The company has won some awards for all of their work on casino games and the games that they put out are getting more and more popular with every additional year that goes by here. There are fantastic animations all around and it’s likely that players will be impressed.