Turbocharged new game, Lightning Baccarat

Evolution Gaming has been providing innovative live casino experiences to gamblers all around the world for many years now. One of their most ambitious and impressive projects is their electric new take on Baccarat. Lightning Baccarat is a turbocharged betting game that puts the emphasis on randomly generated massive payouts. Each round, players have the potential to win up to 262.144X their initial investment. This is the spark that keeps many players coming back as much as they possibly can.

Evolution gaming - Speed Baccarat 1

Exciting New Opportunities

Lightning Baccarat plays just like the original in many ways. Each gambler can still place Player, Tie, Banker, and Side bets as they have been for years. The game really heats up once the lightning cards are in effect. Five of the cards per deck are randomly selected at the start of each game to get a lightning modifier. The random number generator works behind the scenes to keep the playing field fair. These cards multiply earnings by 2X to 8X if they are used in a winning hand.

Potential earnings exponentially expand if multiple lightning cards are used in the same hand. Each of these multipliers stacks on top of each other to create some truly phenomenal figures. To cover these jumbo winnings, each bet has a 20% fee charged to it. The winnings can be so massive that there is a hard cap of 500,000 euros that can be won from any given hand. This gives some insight into just how life-changing some rounds can be. Lightning Baccarat is worth trying at least once for anyone who enjoys good times at the online casino.

Bold New Look

Lightning Baccarat is just as appealing to the senses as it is to the wallet. The live presentation has a game show aesthetic that adds to the fun of each game. The beautiful black and gold color scheme catches the eye immediately. The lightning effects crackle with intensity as they flash across the screen. The accompanying sound effects further immerse each player as they place their bets and watch rounds play out. This fresh coat of paint keeps the game satisfying for many additional rounds.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Evolution Gaming has also upgraded two other casino favorites. Lightning Dice is a unique spectacle that features a lightning tower at the center of it all. This tower of uncertainty ensures all dice tumble in an unpredictable way. The host drops three dice into the tower as players place bets. The goal is to correctly guess the sum total of the three dice when they finally stop moving. There are five outcomes that get struck by lightning each round. If a player chooses one of these lightning numbers, they can enjoy payouts as big as 1000X their initial bet. This game is highly addictive and well worth looking into.

Roulette is the other classic casino pastime that has been charged up. Lightning Roulette offers the same basic premise as the original. Upon each spin, five spots on the wheel are augmented by a shock. These spots can offer massive bonuses if the ball lands there. Straight-on bets award players with up to 500X their initial bet. If the ball lands on any lightning spot, players can still get 30X their initial bet even if they weren’t straight-on. All other win states are exactly the same as the traditional game. This results in a supercharged experience that is more exciting than the original. Lightning Roulette is a must for hardcore fans of the base game.