About First Person Lightning Roulette And Dream Catcher At Evolution Gaming

Busy work schedules keep people focused on their daily tasks for several hours. When the workday is over, they anxiously go home to relax, turn on their computer, and go directly to their favorite online casino website. Those that travel by transit or train start to enjoy the pleasure of playing their favored slots games while on the go with their mobile handheld devices. For them, and others like them, there is no better way to clear their minds of the workload of the day than to play games at the online casino of their choice. The live casino games are numerous, and the excitement is non stop. They patiently look forward to the new games that are presented on a regular basis.

Dream Catcher - Evolution Gaming

The First Person Dream Catcher

This is one of two First Person games that online casino operators have available to them. This game is super easy to play, and it is based on a large, multi-segment, vertical spinning wheels just like the ones seen in brick and mortar casinos. The player chooses a number segment to bet on that they hope the wheel will stop on. There is also a 2x and a 7x prize multiplier segments that are on the wheel for more excitement. This First Person game is an RNG-based version of the Evolution Gaming live line-up. Evolution is an award-winning and acclaimed provider of online casino games, and the First Person Dream Catcher was named as the /digital Product of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards that were held at G2E in Las Vegas in 2017.

The First Person Lightning Roulette

This game action is centered on an extremely realistic animated Roulette table. The most powerful feature of this mesmerizing game is that the setting has lightning effects. In each game round, 1-5 lucky numbers that are randomly generated will be struck by lightning. These numbers will also have random prize multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x already applied. This Roulette game is electrifying, and because it is a live casino game it will attract the interest of the most avid gambler. This game is also an RNG based version from Evolution, and it has won three Game of the Year awards in 2018. Both of these games have been integrated with the Go Live functionality.

The function of the Go Live Button

The Go Live Button is a unique key feature in both of the above games. It is found in the User Interface of every First-Person Game that Evolution provides. When this button is touched, the player is instantly transported from the First Person game by way of an in-game portal to get to the live version of the same game. The live version and the First Person version of each of the games have the same rules, so that makes the transition easy, and effortless because of the Evolution UI.

Playing online casino games is very entertaining, but the live casino games add just a little more of a challenge to each game. Players are dealing with a more interactive game that has an atmosphere like the land casinos. The First Person games are as real as games can get, and players enjoy engaging in games that have a realistic tone. Evolution Gaming presents games that will appeal to every player, and the live casino games are an experience that most players will not trade because they are the closest thing to a brick and mortar casino offers.