Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

If you’re looking for instant cash prizes, quick gameplay and some Saturday night fun, there’s one category of casino games to check: online scratchcards.

Online scratchcard games combine the best of all gambling: simple gameplay with fast-paced action.

All you need to do is match identical symbols and an instant cash prize is yours!

In this post, we’ll look deeper into the mechanics of these instant win games, together with highlighting some of the best online casinos where you can play scratch cards safely.

Best Casinos for Online Scratchcards

Useful tips

  • Play online scratchcards at licensed casinos
  • Use bonus cash prizes for additional funds
  • Opt for higher RTP games for better odds


Online scratchcards are an excellent alternative for everyone who’s tired of heading to the physical selling point to buy their lottery tickets.

There’s really no need for that any more thanks to innovative technologies and online casinos.

You can scratch lottery cards at home and receive instant wins whenever you are lucky enough to match all the symbols needed for the winning combination.

Irish luck-seekers can enjoy scratch cards anytime, anywhere, even via mobile.

You can select the best online casino for your gambling taste by checking out the comparison here at Casinoble – just a few minutes and you can be on your merry way towards scratch cards.


Pros Cons

  • Extremely easy, no need to learn any rules
  • Fast-paced betting action
  • Suitable for any budget
  • Jackpot rounds are not common
  • Odds tend to be quite low
  • May not bring a big win

Common Questions About Scratchcards

Yes, Irish players can enjoy scratch cards online via great online casino sites. Some of the top game developers in the world have created special virtual scratch cards for you to enjoy. In their essence, online scratch cards are exactly like physical ones, just without the actual paper version.

The best online scratch cards are the ones with the best RTP rates for gamblers – anything over 95% is more than good. Many scratch cards may have low RTPs, so you may want to opt only for the ones with a bit more significant RTP. Some scratch card versions may also incorporate bonuses or extra rewards.

You can with online scratchcards by matching similar symbols on the ticket. Depending on the game, you may have to match three identical symbols or more and the top prize also varies. Winning is completely randomized and based on the RNG system.

You can find instant win scratchcards from almost all the best online casinos, like the ones listed here on our page. These casinos feature several fun game versions, like many other great online casinos.

Yes, online lottery and instant win games are completely legitimate as long as you’re dealing with games manufactured by licensed developers and you’re playing at a licensed casino site. If that’s so, there’s no chance for the games to be rigged in any way since the companies have to follow a strict set of responsible gambling rules.

Top 5 Casinos with Scratch Cards

Top 5 Casinos with Scratch Cards

You may know that the Irish online casino world is quite colourful and complicated since the gambling law sets rather strict conditions.

Even if there aren’t many Irish casinos offering scratch cards, that doesn’t mean you’re limited in your gambling possibilities.

Almost all the best offshore online casinos feature scratch cards, some of them may even have progressive jackpots or fun bonus games.

Irish gamblers enjoy their quick-paced casino games and that’s exactly what scratch cards offer.

Since navigating the selection of offshore online casinos is quite a tough challenge, we provide our help with insightful comparisons.

Casinoble team has put together a list of recommended casinos that feature online scratch cards for all Irish gamblers.

If you’d like to speed up your gambling process, just head to the casino listing and pick out the casino that matches your taste the best.

Top 5 Casinos with Scratch Cards

How We Review Casinos

Finding the best casino for scratch cards in the first place isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You can’t just jump into Google and hope that any of the first search results will yield the best option.

The gambling world is filled with thousands of casino sites, some of which are not really worth your time (and some are flat-out awful).

That’s where we come to help: we’ve reviewed all the top casinos carefully according to a list of requirements that make us confident in the chosen casinos.

Here are some of the factors we always consider when reviewing online casinos – by following these tips and factors, you’ll know that each of the recommended casinos truly matches up with the player’s expectations.


No matter the game you’d like to try, you must always play responsibly and the first part of doing that involves signing up at a licensed casino site.

We know how many lucrative casinos there are, some of which may offer remarkable bonuses.

That alone doesn’t mean it’s a safe gambling environment.

We really must emphasize how crucial it is for every player to always opt for a licensed, legitimate casino site.

We especially recommend casinos that carry a license from the Malta

Game selection

Obviously, no one stays playing for long just because of scratch cards.

All online casinos offer thousands of games, including a vast ocean of online slots and card or table games (like the good old blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker).

The best online casino sites should treat their customers to tens of software provid

Bonuses and promotions

Who doesn’t enjoy a good deal?

That’s exactly what casino bonuses and promotions are – special money offers for lucky players who’d like to increase their bankroll a little bit.

Of course, bonuses aren’t free cash – every offer comes with strict conditions that must be fulfilled to get all the bonus money winnings.

Nevertheless, bonuses, competitions and promotions give a huge boost to the overall journey and are highly recommended.

Payment conditions

Another important part of gambling involves deposits and withdrawals: an integral part of the whole experience.

You’ll only want to sign up at online casinos that have a multitude of payment methods with fair payment conditions.

By that, we mean the casino should have appropriate payment limits (for example, decent withdrawal limits that match your expectations) and payments should get processed fairly quickly.

The best online casinos in our book are the ones that comply with all the payment standards: quick payments, various payment methods and fair limits.

Top 5 Scratch Cards with the Highest RTP

Top 5 Scratch Cards with the Highest RTP

Top 5 Scratch Cards with the Highest RTP

If you’re a player seeking to hit the biggest odds and access the highest winnings, the scratch game won’t likely fill your gambling bud the best.

The thing is: scratch card games have a rather high house advantage, a.k.a low return to player.

Compared to other casino games, scratch games may not be so packed with winnings.

However, this is not a rule and many software developers have come up with their own versions of this classic game mechanic, creating higher RTP games for those looking for the best bang for the buck.

Merlin’s Millions

Merlin’s Millions is surely one of the scratch cards that won’t leave anyone cold.

The game has an RTP of 95.17%, plus a jackpot that may reach several hundreds of euros.

As you may notice from the name, the scratch card is inspired by the legendary King Arthur and his trusty sidekick Merlin.

It’s a simple scratch card with lucrative prizes and quick action.

The Pig Wizard

Continuing on magical themes, The Pig Wizard is a fun scratch card with an epic progressive jackpot feature and an RTP of 95.82%.

In addition to an amusing theme, the game is simple, exciting and always packed with some laughs.

Wish Upon a Jackpot

This scratch card may appeal to Irish players, especially for its fairytale-like theme and high RTP: 96.06%.

With such a high return percentage, the game competes with modern video slots, not to even mention the great graphics that aren’t usually present in scratch card games.

It’s a real treat for anyone looking to play some online lottery games but is tired of all the old-school game versions.

Whack a Jackpot

We all want to give jackpot rounds a nice whack and that’s what this game is all about.

Microgaming’s phenomenally popular scratch card has one of the highest return percentages in the industry: 96.30%.

This RTP alone makes the game worthwhile, but its hilarious graphics and gameplay take it even further.

Lucky Numbers

Last but not least, this scratch card has the highest RTP: 96.57%, mostly thanks to its multipliers that may 5-fold any wins.

Another appeal of this scratch card lies in its Asian-centered theme that seems to entice players worldwide.

It’s simple, easy fun without any complicated rules.

About Scratch Cards

Scratchcard games are so simple they don’t even need a big introduction: absolutely every player can instantly understand the gist of the game.

Scratchcard games involve a ticket with different symbols, hidden under a special layer that has to be scratched off to reveal the cash prize underneath.

You may wonder how would online scratchcard games work if there’s the physical rubbing action involved but it’s actually quite simple.

In online scratch cards, you just need to drag the mouse over the ticket, just like you’d actually scratch the card.

Depending on the lottery game’s version, the symbols and combinations that require matching will be different: sometimes, you have to match 3 symbols, sometimes you have to match a certain symbol with a bonus symbol.

Online scratch cards may also include bonus winnings or jackpot prizes, similar to online slots.

History of Scratch Cards

History of Scratch Cards

Many of us have grown up in the presence of scratch cards, remembering all the moments when our parents bought some of those funny-looking paper tickets.

Scratch cards don’t have the longest-running history though, since they got their biggest popularity boost in the 70s.

Compared to slot machines or classic card games, scratch cards are in their infancy.

The fast pace and instant cash prizes have drawn players to scratch card lottery like moths to a flame and some casinos have had staggering success with their lottery options.

Scratch cards have been especially popular in the UK and, of course, Ireland hasn’t been kept away from this trend.

The rapidly evolving trend of online casinos has changed scratch cards for good, though, since Irish players can now enjoy the game on their phone or laptop without ever bothering with the paper version.

History of Scratch Cards

Predictions about Scratch Cards

iGaming, a.k.a the online gambling industry, is rapidly growing and finding new players worldwide every day.

Some analysts predict the whole industry to reach the height of 97 billion euros by 2027.

You would obviously imagine that scratch cards will get a piece of that pie, too.

Well, mostly, online slots and classic card games will most likely still dominate the game rankings.

Somehow, online lottery games haven’t received such big traction and it’s possible that these games will just remain within their own smaller niche.

We expect scratch cards to still stay in most online casinos, but we can’t predict an overly stellar future for these old-school classics due to their certain lack of versatility.



RTP – A.k.a Return to Player. A theoretical percentage that shows the potential odds for the player (or the house edge).

RNG – A.k.a Random Number Generator. Random number generators are computer algorithms responsible for making the game outcome completely random.

Tickets – Scratch card game rounds that include various symbols or numbers, depending on the game. You can try your luck after purchasing a ticket, a.k.a placing a wager.

  • Symbols – Pictures or icons revealed on the scratch card’s ticket after scratching off the outer layer.

Wager – Bet placed on a game round with the goal of trying luck and winning some cash.

Instant win game – Casino game where winning is immediate: the prize is paid out right away after the game round has ended, without any payout delays. All online casino games are essentially instant win games.


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