Blackjack and counting cards

I can personally say that I love going to casinos. The lights, the people, the thrills and the rest of the exciting night-life. I also enjoy the awesome dining experiences usually located within walking distance of my absolute favorite casino game to play: Blackjack.

Blackjack - 21 kort

Also known as 21 blackjack has the, how should I put this, most minimal house advantage. House advantage, or house edge, refers to the mathematical and statistical advantage the casino retains from a certain game over the player during the time they spend playing that game. Blackjack has less than a %1 house edge. It can be lowered even further by employing basic blackjack strategy and card counting. Blackjack strategy guides can be found all over the internet and book stores as can guide on card counting. Both styles of play will take a fair bit of time and practice to master.

But what about online blackjack? A pivotal part of card counting is knowing how many decks are used in the shoe. Nowadays it is common for a shoe at a blackjack table to have 6 to 8 decks. And with most, if not all, of online blackjack rooms the shoe isn't even displayed let alone a display of how many cards have been dealt. In fact, a randomization software program regulates each hand of digital blackjack dealt and you'll never know how many decks are used and there is no cut like when playing at the physical casino. In addition, the cards could be shuffled every hand so even if you knew the deck count it wouldn't even matter.

The best count you'll be able to get is from the cards dealt up until it is your turn. While this can help slightly, you'll still never be able to get a solid count for the coming hands. So your best option is to employ basic and advanced blackjack strategy. That being said I have always had more good hits than bad when trusting my gut. This is a big part of online blackjack due to the inability to gain a statistical player advantage through card counting.

Remember to always split aces and split never faces. You're supposed to split 8's as well, by when the dealer shows a 9 or better, sometimes I'll make an O.G. call!!! Like I stated before it works out more often than not. If the dealer shows a 3-6 let the dealer bust! And here is a solid tip: If the dealer is showing a 2 and you have a 2 or a three, take that 8 or 9. Trust me, the dealer's going to take a hit, you should too!!!

Again, keeping a short count won't hurt but it's just not possible to get a real count on the shoe. So have fun, keep your cool and bet wisely without being afraid to up the ante when you feel the time is right!!!



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