Celebrities and Their Most Epic Roulette Histories

Roulette is one of the most famous games of chance in the casino world, and one of the oldest. Despite the irruption of online casinos and all the novelties that in terms of technological development it has generated, this popular game of entertainment in which luck has the last word has resisted without any kind of problem to the passing of time.

Nowadays, we can enjoy American roulette or French roulette in online gaming portals such as ours, as well as other types of electronic roulette and live roulette that incorporate new functions to make the casino games much more exciting and entertaining.

And it is precisely this form of entertainment that celebrities have not been unaware of. And some of them have confessed their predilection for this type of casino entertainment. To find out their names, just read on.

Sean Connery

The history of the remembered and admired Scottish actor with the casino comes from afar. And since he got into the skin of James Bond, the most famous British secret agent of all time, he could already be seen with an incredible mastery of the gaming tables, for example, in the unforgettable movie Diamonds are forever.

This seventh installment of Agent 007 takes place in the mythical roulette scene. That serves as a prelude to the exciting roll of the dice that makes him get the 50,000 dollars.

We do not know if he became a fan before or after taking on the role, but what we do know is that, after he stopped playing the character, the man who was named Sir by Queen Elizabeth II herself continued to enjoy his visits to the casino.

Tiger Woods

The most famous golfer of all time, winner of five Augusta Masters, winner of four PGA Championships, and holder of three U.S. Open titles and three British Open titles, is also a regular visitor to casinos.

Specifically, he frequents the MGM Grand Las Vegas, where, in addition to enjoying boxing evenings, he settles into one of the private rooms at the prestigious venue to alternate his play at roulette and blackjack. It is said and rumoured that the sportsman had a line of credit in the establishment that reached a million dollars. Unbelievable but true!

Mario Balotelli

From golf, we move on to the king of sports, football, thanks to Italian striker Mario Balotellli. The footballer is a roulette lover. And one of the anecdotes he experienced playing roulette was reported in numerous sports newspapers. We go back to 2011 when, after leaving Inter Milan, he joined Manchester City. And was one of the most talked-about signings of the British sport of the season.

Accompanied by fellow footballer Christopher Samba, he went to the Manchester 235 casino and after several games in which he was accompanied by luck. He left the premises with 25,000 pounds in his pocket. Well, to be more exact, when he crossed the exit door, he did it with £24,000. As he gave a thousand to the waiter who attended to him as a tip.

But that's not all, and after observing a beggar begging at the door of the building. He gave him another thousand pounds of his earnings. We must recognize that with these gestures, Balotelli scored two goals in the top corner!

Wayne Rooney

We return to the world of sports, and we do it with the former English footballer Wayne Rooney. The top scorer in the history of Manchester United F.C. and the English national team has been seen many times in different casinos. Although there are numerous times that fortune has been on his side. There are also times that luck has not been on his side. Leaving him with large sums of money during some of his gambling sessions.

The footballer understood that gambling should never cease to be fun and for it to be so, you need self-control and to know how to stop in time. Therefore, he decided to participate in a campaign to raise awareness about safe gambling promoted by an English bookmaker.


The people mentioned here are not professional roulette players, nor have they become rich or famous playing in the casino. They are popular characters who share their love for casino roulette. Which, if played in moderation and responsibly, can bring a good dose of fun.


Sean O'Connell

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