Crypto Casinos

The online casino industry has had a clear before and after recently. Not because there have been big changes, but because there has been an extraordinary addition. We are talking about cryptocurrencies and their respective casinos.

For a short time now, we have been seeing more and more crypto casinos on the internet, which meet the demands of players who want to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or even Dogecoin.

But at Casinoble we are not only going to tell you briefly what crypto casinos are, but we will give you all the details so that you can become an expert in finding the best crypto casinos in 2021, as well as in betting with cryptocurrencies in the different online gambling environments. Are you ready? Then let’s get to it here at Casinoble!

Best Crypto Casinos

First of all, we have to give you the bad news that crypto casinos are not the easiest to find. The whole industry is well aware of that. Because besides the fact that it’s a very modern form of payment, you also have to take into account that any online casino that is going to offer cryptocurrencies will have to meet higher requirements for security, transparency, and reliability.

But that hasn’t scared us at Casinoble, as we’re used to always finding the best that the iGaming industry has to offer. That’s why we’ve been able to dig out the best crypto casinos of 2021, which not only meet the requirements we’ll explain below, but also offer a spectacular experience in every way. Take a look at the best crypto casinos in Ireland and pick your favorite!

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Bet with Crypto Currency at Casinos

Gambling with cryptocurrencies in casinos has nothing to do with other forms of online payment. Most of all, because here we are talking about a completely different mechanism, which offers more anonymity and security to the players. Moreover, if you take into account how the value of cryptocurrencies varies, you know that for both customers and gambling sites it is a completely new environment.

But of course it also has enormous advantages. Because, not only will you have the possibility to bet more anonymously, but you will also have much more control over your money, for example in the speed of withdrawals.

That is why we have created this guide to betting with cryptocurrencies. Here we will explain the conditions that a crypto casino has to meet, the different cryptocurrencies in online casinos, the licenses they have to have, sports betting, crypto casino bonuses, the games, the details of cryptocurrencies, and of course the advantages and disadvantages of betting at crypto casinos.

How We Review Crypto Casinos

First of all, we have an obligation to explain how we review crypto casinos at Casinoble. Because analyzing and recommending casinos like these is not a silly thing to do. Here we are talking about one of the most modern and also complicated elements of the industry, which still has to be dealt with quite carefully.

That is exactly why we implement so many requirements and conditions, which are anything but easy to meet. Because it is in our hands to recommend only features of online casinos, which meet the responsible gambling and security of every reader.

If you are interested in learning more about each of these requirements, then read the following points carefully and perhaps you can also apply them to your own crypto casino hunt!

  • Theme: Even if the main focus is on the cryptocurrencies themselves, it is important to always keep in mind the little details that are so easily forgotten. For us, one of those fundamental details is the theme of the casino itself. Because although it may seem irrelevant at first glance, the truth is that it can change the entire experience and preferences of the players themselves. 
  • Graphics: If a casino is able to offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, then it had better be on par with the rest of the industry’s top features. And this is where the importance of graphics comes in, both in the games themselves and in the platform itself. This, believe it or not, always adds to the overall online casino experience. 
  • Technology: What applies to the graphics, also applies to the crypto casino technology itself. A platform cannot offer cryptocurrency payments and then forget the rest of the technological elements. In fact, crypto casinos should always have the most advanced and sophisticated technology at all times.
  • Entertainment Level: We want to be entertained by a casino! That is clear to everyone. But, if we are able to deposit and withdraw our money with cryptocurrencies, then entertainment on the platform has to accompany it. Because only if we can count on exclusive bonuses or games for BTC, it is worth using cryptocurrencies.
  • Casino Bonuses: Another determining factor, which distinguishes crypto casinos from all others, is the fact that there are crypto casino bonuses. These are exclusive to crypto casinos, as they only offer the possibility to earn them using cryptocurrencies. 
  • Free Spins: The same also applies to free spins at crypto casinos. Because in order to enjoy the traditional online casino environment and its slots, it is important to have free spins available. The good thing is that there are specialized games only for cryptocurrencies, which can also be easily played with the free spins offered by the casino.
  • Game Selection: Although the only thing that really seems to change is the payment method, crypto casinos also have another ace up their sleeve. Crypto casinos also offer games for cryptocurrencies. This, together with all the existing games, opens the door to even more games.
  • Software Selection: If technology is one of the most important elements in crypto casinos, then we don’t need to tell you how crucial software is. However, some crypto casinos are not so clear about it, which is why we always tread carefully when it comes to software selection. This is why this feature is undoubtedly one of the most important ones for Casinoble and that’s why we only recommend casinos with the most advanced software on the market.
  • Crypto Currencies: We all know Bitcoin. That’s for sure. The currency is a trending topic and doesn’t seem to evaporate so quickly. But who said there would only be Bitcoin? Crypto casinos are so-called because they offer many more cryptocurrencies than just the most famous ones. That’s why we are always on the lookout for sites that also offer Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more.
  • Support Ways: Those who have tried to make a deposit or withdrawal with a cryptocurrency in a casino will know that it is not as obvious as with other payment methods. That’s why you should always have a live-chat nearby or a very detailed FAQ. The different support ways are there to guide customers with the help of preferably a member of the casino staff. Otherwise, a crypto casino can easily become a nightmare for the less experienced.
  • Customer Service: We said that it is advisable to be in contact with a member of the casino staff during the first payment, and that sums up the importance of customer service in a nutshell. In all online casinos, customer service is one of the most important security elements there is, but even more so in crypto casinos. Here we are talking about payment systems that many have not yet used. Therefore, having effective and skilled customer service is a must. 

Crypto Currencies at Online Casinos

The time has come to talk about the different cryptocurrencies available at online casinos. We are going to talk about the five most prominent ones, which are quite easy to find and use in a good crypto casino. 

But we warn you that cryptocurrencies do not stop there, as there are more every day, which are gaining stratospheric values and to which we must be very attentive. Because you never know what will be the next virtual currency to achieve worldwide fame.

But until then, stick with the information on these five cryptocurrencies and see if you can find the one you like best to use in an online casino.


Bitcoin, also known by its initials BTC, is the godfather, the grandfather, the master, and the singing voice of all cryptocurrencies. It has a current market value of over €39 billion and is twice as powerful as the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market, Ethereum. In fact, it all started with Bitcoin, which was designed to replace existing currencies. 

The important thing to know about Bitcoin, like all other cryptocurrencies, is that it is an open-source code. This means that it cannot be controlled by any government or financial authority. Bitcoin is the people’s money and is currently available on Amazon, Microsoft, the pub around the corner, clothing shops, and even bookstores.

Bitcoin Cash

Everyone may know about Bitcoin, but not everyone knows how complicated cryptocurrency is as well. We are really talking about the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies here, which forced BTC developers to find a solution for more convenient and faster payments.

This is where Bitcoin Cash comes in. This is a fast and simple solution that dates back to August 2017. At the time, if you had 1 Bitcoin you were also given 1 Bitcoin Cash so you could make transactions much more efficiently. Basically, it is almost the same cryptocurrency, but the truth is that using Bitcoin Cash is a thousand times more convenient than the old horse that is BTC.


After having been attentive to the success and advantages of Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) appeared in 2015 from the hands of Vitalik Buterin. In a matter of two years, Ethereum sky-rocketed to a $32 trillion market. And soon people were calling it Bitcoin 2.0, as ETH was able to correct Bitcoin’s major flaws and bring out the full potential of blockchain technology.

In fact, Ethereum is the equivalent of Android in cryptocurrencies, as it has many features both in terms of security and efficiency when it comes to making transactions. That is why it is always the second favourite cryptocurrency in the current financial market as well as in crypto casinos.


Litecoin (LTC) is currently one of BTC’s closest competitors. The coin dates back to October 2011 and differs from the others by having shorter block generation times and much faster transaction times. Besides, it has lower transaction costs.

The technology used by Litecoin is certainly very similar to Bitcoin or Dash, as the open source software allows almost anyone to verify the code. The big difference is that the mining blocks will be halved every 4 years until a total of 84 million litecoins are produced. That is four times more than the total amount of Bitcoin.


Finally, we have Dogecoin (DOGE). This coin started as an online joke in December 2013. But, interestingly, Dogecoin really started to have a fan base and by March 2016 it had reached a market capitalization of $22.2 million. In fact, it is just like other cryptocurrencies and the system works in much the same way as Litecoin. 

The funny thing about Dogecoin is that it carries the famous Shiba Inu meme as the coin’s official mascot. This represents well the playful nature of its community and the people interested in it. In fact, the main interest of this community is charitable causes and charity around the internet.

Licensed Crypto Casinos

Licensing is no joke in online casinos and the same goes for crypto casinos. Because at the end of the day, we want to be safe and secure when we gamble and pay. Be it with euros or cryptocurrencies. 

That’s where licences from regulatory authorities such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority come in. These are not only limited to basic online casinos, but are of course also very attentive to crypto casinos or even mobile casinos in 2021. 

So that you always know how to find one of these licenses and thus be sure about the money you use at a crypto casino, just go to the bottom of the crypto casino’s homepage. This is where you will most likely find the logo of the license that the site has. Because remember, if a crypto casino does not have one of these licenses, then it will not be able to offer any kind of legal gambling either.

Sports Betting with Crypto

If sports betting is your thing, then you don’t have to worry. Because even if the main focus of online betting is casinos, there are plenty of sports betting sites with crypto. Not only that, but you can also find eSports betting sites that have BTC or any other currency at your disposal.

It is true that casinos are slightly ahead in terms of cryptocurrency usage, but over the last few months we have seen the rise of sports betting with crypto. This is a huge plus, as we can expect all kinds of markets and odds to be available for Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

Crypto Casino Bonuses

Now comes the juicy part of this crypto casino guide. Let’s talk about the exclusive bonuses that crypto casinos offer and which cannot be used with any other currency. And if you thought that these bonuses were limited or few, then you are completely wrong.

Still, we don’t want to overwhelm you with too many names, and that’s why we have focused on the three most important ones today. That way you can at least start your first crypto casino experience with a little extra cash. 

Stay tuned, because below we’ll explain the basics about deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and of course free spins. Then all you have to do is choose your favourite bonus or promotion from one of our Casinoble lists and kick it up a notch!

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses reign supreme at all online casinos. These can go by various names in the industry, with some calling them deposit bonuses and others simply welcome bonuses. But the concept is often the same, as it is a bonus that you receive when you deposit the money they require you to deposit.

Once you have deposited an amount, for example 20 BTC, the casino will give you a percentage in return. Typically these bonuses are split both in percentages and also in different deposits. If we take for example a 200% bonus with that 20 BTC deposit, then you can expect 40 BTC to be used on the platform. Now, imagine that but in three different deposits!

No Deposit Bonus

The year 2021 not only knocked at the doors of cryptocurrencies, but also at the doors of no deposit bonuses. These are the target of most bonus hunters, as they allow you to explore a new casino with free money. Without you having to spend a single cent from your own wallet. Cryptocurrency wallet in this case. 

And getting a no deposit bonus is pretty easy. All you have to do at many casinos is sign up and create an account, so they can give you a certain amount of money to discover the site and its games or markets.

Free Spins

The third favorite bonus found at all online casinos is free spins. These little devils are the continuation of your own money. To give you a more visual idea. Because if a casino offers you, let’s say 50 free spins, then you can use them as your own money, according to the conditions the casino asks for.

And free spins are not just limited to coming individually or in small amounts. Quite the opposite. Most free spins offers come in surprisingly large amounts, in some cases even accompanying other casino cash or credit promotions.

Crypto Casino Games

We have already mentioned the existence of crypto casino games several times. But what are they really? Well, they are slots, table games, and live dealer games. These are of course very popular in all other online casinos as well, but in crypto casinos we find some very distinct peculiarities. 

We don’t want to leave you in stitches, so we’re going to talk in detail about the three variants. This will save you a lot of time when venturing into a crypto casino!


Everyone knows that online slots are the most played casino games in the world. But, not everyone also knows that crypto slots are also growing at a phenomenal rate. It is true that some crypto casinos only offer a few crypto slots, but others are already offering hundreds of unique games.

In addition, many crypto slots have the advantage of being much more thematically focused. This makes them even more attractive than regular slots and they never fall behind the times, trying to please older players.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the best software providers are also working hard to bring fantastic crypto slots to the market. That’s why we have slots that carry an RTP from 95% to 99%, which is revolutionary even for the slots industry.

Table Games

Although most of the ground is taken up by slots, fortunately we can also count on crypto table games. Because without games like Blackjack or Roulette, any crypto casino would be pretty boring. That’s why it is very common to find the following table games in crypto casinos:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Dragon Tiger

And although you are paying in cryptocurrencies, the truth is that crypto table games perfectly mimic the traditional table game experience. Yet with the small detail that you are paying with virtual currency.

Live Dealer

Without a doubt, the person who came up with the idea of bringing live dealer games to the online market should be rewarded. But even more so, we should reward the person who came up with the fascinating idea of adding cryptocurrencies on top of it. Because these two elements have merged the real casino experience, along with the advantage of online payment.

This has given another twist to what was already a very innovative experience. In addition, crypto live dealer games have the advantage of not just being for table game lovers. They are also the perfect opportunity to see how cryptocurrencies can be played, but all in an almost real environment.

About Crypto

It is time to talk about what cryptocurrency really is. Because although many of us have heard about Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies in general, the truth is that not all of us know what is behind them. Because, in order to really know how to use cryptocurrencies, it is important to know what is hidden behind the curtains of virtual currencies. 

That is why we want to explain the most important things about the history of cryptocurrencies, their decentralised aspect, the speed, the transparency, the global side of the currency, what a crypto wallet is, and the anonymity that comes with paying with a cryptocurrency. 

If you want to play or bet on any crypto casino or gambling site, then it’s time to learn all these aspects. Let’s get to it!


Surely you remember the global economic crisis of 2008. It was already 13 years ago, but the impact it had was huge. So much so, that in 2009 the first cryptocurrency appeared for the first time. It was created by a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. A person, whose identity remains unknown. That first currency was Bitcoin. 

But why would anyone create a completely virtual currency and what does the economic crisis of 2008 have to do with it? Well, what led these people or these identities to create Bitcoin was precisely because of the impact of the economy and the currencies regulated by governments. Satoshi Nakamoto had the need to create a type of currency that was completely different from the conventional one, which belonged to the people and could not be controlled by anyone.


Everyone always seems to talk about cryptocurrencies being a wild horse. Which will either get out of hand or lose value before we know it. But all that is a side issue, which doesn’t really matter. Because cryptocurrencies have a security, which other currencies cannot achieve. 

The power of cryptocurrencies really lies in the fact that they are decentralized currencies of the big authorities. Both financial and political. Because of the misuse of the major currencies, cryptocurrencies have chosen to have their own independence. In which the value fluctuates according to the use and demand for the cryptocurrency.

What you have to be clear about is that nobody controls cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you alone are responsible for the use you make of them.


Speed is another aspect that is completely unique to cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that there is no need for any financial authority to check whether the transaction gets done correctly or not. It all depends on the user and the recipient where the money is going to go.

Moreover, the blockchain system and the cryptocurrency miners are the ones that regulate the speed of the transactions. Each blockchain is in charge of passing the money back and forth. With the miners working continuously to maintain the flow. One trick to speed up the transaction speed is to tip the miners. So that they include your transaction on the first available blockchain.


Nothing would make sense in cryptocurrencies without transparency. Otherwise, we would be back to the crisis of 2008, which was clouded by fraud and financial corruption. 

Cryptocurrencies are the people’s currency because they allow everyone to use them as they see fit. As long as it is done responsibly. Because one of the priorities of all cryptocurrencies is to prevent money laundering. For this reason, blockchains employ the most advanced and sophisticated technologies. In order to always guarantee a transparent, legal and honest use.

Global Currency

We all know that the US dollar belongs to the United States and that the euro belongs to a large part of Europe. But who said that virtual money has to belong to only one part of the world? The big advantage here is that cryptocurrencies belong to the whole world.

Thanks to blockchain technology and the global internet, cryptocurrencies are available in all countries where they are legal. That means you can pay at a crypto casino with the currency of your choice, wherever you are. As long as that casino is available in your region.

The Crypto Wallet

The word ‘Wallet’ has become part of the online dictionary in recent years. The use of E-Wallets, as an alternative method of online payment, is becoming more and more common. But cryptocurrencies also have their own wallets, which are the place where we keep our money.

These crypto wallets come with everything necessary to ensure security. You have the keys to the transactions and since they really are 100% virtual, there are also several security measures. So that you always have your money, wherever you are.


For a lot of people who end up using cryptocurrencies, their main priority is anonymity. This is in fact one of the most famous aspects of cryptocurrencies. And what has made many people think that crypto is the perfect excuse for money laundering. But in fact, it is quite the opposite. Because thanks to the high security and decentralization of the currency, anonymity is almost mandatory. 

So if you want to make transactions with, say, Bitcoin or Ethereum, your personal data is not important. What is important here is your wallet and the keys and keys you have at your disposal. Everything that has to do with your own identity is not important for cryptocurrencies, which elevates it to a status of anonymity that no other currency attains.

Pros & Cons of Crypto Casinos

You have just the finishing touches left to become a crypto casino expert. Now it’s time for the pros and cons. It is clear that in this aspect the advantages win out over the disadvantages when talking about the use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos. However, it is important to be aware of the disadvantages.

Take a look at the most important points that stand out in crypto casinos:


  • Being able to use cryptocurrencies for casino games and bonuses
  • The multiple cryptocurrencies available, each of which has a different value.
  • Exclusive games and bonuses, which can only be used with cryptocurrencies
  • Much more security and anonymity than in any other online casino
  • Growing use of cryptocurrencies in both online casinos and online sports betting


  • There are not yet too many crypto casinos
  • At first they can be more complicated than regular betting sites

Responsible Betting

Let us tell you that at Casinoble, we prioritize responsible betting above all else. We are a gambling comparison site and we’re always looking for the best solutions for our readers. So that they can gamble and bet as responsibly as possible.

All our guides, articles, recommendations, and information are dedicated to creating a safer betting environment. We do not want to encourage anyone to gamble or spend their money irresponsibly. Nor do we want to encourage underage gambling.


How can I find the best crypto casinos?

The best way to find the best crypto casinos is by checking out our lists on Casinoble! We’ve gathered the best crypto casinos and bonuses of 2021 for you in Ireland!

What should I do if I want to pay with Bitcoin at an online casino?

If you want to pay with Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in online casinos, then you have to look out for crypto casinos. These allow you with whatever cryptocurrency you may like.

When can I gamble with cryptocurrency?

You can always gamble or bet with cryptocurrency when an online casino offers crypto as a payment method. These casinos are called crypto casinos, with the best ones all listed here on Casinoble.

Why is cryptocurrency becoming so popular?

Just like many other things on the internet, cryptocurrency is currently booming, thanks to its safety and value. This has led many online casinos to incorporate Bitcoins and many other currencies in 2021.

When can I get a crypto bonus at a casino?

If you want an exclusive crypto casino bonus, then you have to find a crypto casino that offers such bonuses. These are easy to find on our lists on Casinoble Ireland. Check them out!

Who created cryptocurrency in the first place?

The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, back in 2009. It was created by a so-called Satoshi Nakamoto. A person, whose identity remains unknown.

Where can I learn more about crypto casinos?

If you want to learn more about crypto casinos and bonuses then check out our guides and articles on Casinoble. We talk and discuss everything that involves the current crypto trend in online casinos.

Which is the most valuable cryptocurrency in online casinos?

As in any other environment and market, the most valuable cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. This is also the most accepted currency in online casinos, making it the number one crypto payment method in 2021.

Is there any possibility of playing BTC games with euros?

No, unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Crypto and BTC games are exclusively made for cryptocurrencies. Thus, you’ll have to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency available.

Will crypto casinos become more popular?

We hope so! Crypto casinos are without a doubt a very strong casino element of 2021. This means, that there could be plenty of new crypto casinos to come!