Dawn of The Dinosaurs Casino Slot: How to Play

Unlock a prehistoric adventure and formidable wins with “Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” a slot game that catapults you back to a world where gigantic creatures rule, and volatile volcanoes determine your fate in the pursuit of phenomenal rewards!

Vibrant Visuals and Electrifying Gameplay

Engage with the vibrant visuals and arresting audio of “Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” a slot game that doesn’t merely stop at spinning reels. Here, the perilous jungles buzz with the roars of the terrifying Velociraptor and the looming presence of other formidable prehistoric creatures, all superbly depicted to enhance your gaming experience.

Key Game Features

  • Reels and Paylines: Navigate through 5 reels and 25 paylines.
  • Heart-Pounding Bonuses: Brave the Raptor Clash bonus, an enthralling encounter with the Velociraptor, offering you a chance to secure tangible rewards.
  • Strategic Prizes: Choose your prizes wisely, opting between potent multipliers and tantalizing free spins.

Embark on Mobile Expeditions

Experience the thrilling encounters with colossal creatures wherever you are, thanks to the meticulous mobile adaptation of the game by its developers. Whether wielding an Android or iOS device, the thrilling journey through the treacherous terrains of the dinosaur era is just a tap away.

  • Accessible Anywhere: Enjoy seamless gameplay across various devices and operating systems.
  • Browser-Friendly: Dive straight into the adventure through your web browser, bypassing the need for app downloads.

Unlock the Secrets of Free Spins

Navigate through erupting volcanoes, harnessing the power of the scatter symbol – the lava rock, as you vie for the lucrative free spins that lie concealed within the scalding magma.

  • Scatter Dynamics: While devoid of inherent value, four scatter symbols unlock the gateway to free spins.
  • Your Strategic Choice: Decide between 6 free spins coupled with a 2x win multiplier or 12 free spins devoid of multipliers.

Decoding the RTP: A Closer Look

Dawn of the Dinosaurs doesn’t just impress with its immersive gameplay but also boasts a generous RTP of 95%, an indicator that your journey through this prehistoric jungle could be littered with frequent payouts.

Understanding Slot Volatility

Complementing its RTP, this slot game exhibits low-level variance, ensuring your trek through this primordial world is sprinkled with consistent, albeit smaller, payouts, ensuring sustained excitement throughout your gameplay.

Experience Beyond the Jurassic Jungles

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Navigating Through the Time of Dinosaurs: Summary

“Dawn of the Dinosaurs” entwines you into a world where every spin takes you on a thrilling ride through a perilous prehistoric jungle, promising not just heart-pounding adventure but a plethora of opportunities to amass substantial rewards. A commendable RTP, consistent payouts, and a meticulously crafted mobile version amplify its appeal, ensuring every moment spent in this jurassic jungle is thoroughly engaging and rewarding.


 How is the RTP (Return to Player) calculated in the ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs' slot?  The RTP of 95% indicates that, hypothetically, for every €100 wagered, the game returns €95 to players over a prolonged gameplay period.

 Can I access and play ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs' on all mobile devices? Yes, the game is adaptable to various devices and operating systems, including Android and iOS, providing a seamless gaming experience without the need for an app download.

 How do I unlock the free spins in the game?  Harvest four lava rock scatter symbols, which activate the free spins, allowing you to choose between two strategically different free spin options.


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