In alliance with, we strive to foster positive impact! has initiated the “iGaming for the Future” project, targeting the unification of the gaming industry for a commendable cause.

Our shared goal through this partnership is to curb the proliferation of malaria, a disease predominantly propagated by mosquitoes, which claims over 625,000 lives annually. A disheartening 70% of these victims are children under five, and it is the principal cause of mortality among pregnant women across the globe.

Thanks to our collaboration, we've pooled sufficient resources to acquire and distribute 463 mosquito nets in Kampemda ZdS, located in Congo's Haut Katanga Province. Through the distribution of these nets, we aim to protect 834 individuals from the threat of mosquitoes.

Providing vital protection while people sleep, mosquito nets are invaluable. This is of particular importance given that mosquitoes pose their greatest threat during the night, when individuals are most susceptible to their bites.


In the image above, you'll see the geographic location of Congo, and on the right, the positioning of various network suppliers within the nation of Congo itself.

We express profound appreciation to for inviting us to participate in this initiative. It is an honor to contribute to a cause that has the potential to safeguard children's lives. We extend our best wishes to all involved in this mission.

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