Play´n GO has launched a new game, 3-Card Casino Hold ’em

The online casino industry is growing at an astronomical rate largely because of the software developers that provide the constant flow on new and exciting fun live casino games. The software platforms are the leading suppliers in the industry, and they never allow one game to become boring. Every year, new games are offered so that the casino operators can give their players more action and thrills for the money. Play´n GO is among the leading developers that realize what keeps players coming back. Their myriad of new and existing games entice players from all over the world to play with confidence.

Play´n GO is a gaming company based in Sweden, but they have many different gaming licenses in several countries. They entered into the online casino industry in 2004, but many of the founding members there had gained experience through being with other companies in the industry since 1997. The company has been remarkably successful in providing games to online casinos, and with being one of the best software providers in the industry. They are experts in providing their platforms to operators and creating some of the top gaming solutions.

Poker player with cards - ok

Play´n GO has done it again with the launch of their most recent game, 3 Card Casino Hold ’em. This game is three times more fun, uses three hands of cards and only one deck. This is a form of poker that goes beyond exciting. Players are dealt three hands of cards at one time instead of the usual one hand. This gives them three opportunities to beat the dealer. Players start by putting up an ante bet on one, or all three of their hands. An AA bonus bet can also be placed along with the ante bet. After the bets have been placed, two cards are dealt face up for each active hand, and two cards are dealt with the dealer’s face down. Three cards called community cards are dealt face-up on the table. If any card combines with any card in the player’s hand to form a pair of Aces or better, the dealer pays that player the AA bonus bet.

After receiving a AA bonus payout, the player can decide whether to call off a fold on each hand. If the player calls, a call bet will be put up for that hand. After a call or fold has been made for each active hand, the dealer deals the last two community cards face up, and then reveal their hidden cards. For each active hand, the better five-card poker hand is chosen by using the five community cards and the number two card in each hand. If the player’s hand is stronger than that of the dealer, the player wins. If the player hand is weaker, the dealer wins. If the player and dealer hands are equal, it is a Push and the ante bets will be returned to the player.

3 Hand Casino Hold ’em is definitely an action-packed game where precise strategies can be used. Playing this form of poker can be easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices. This game allows the player three opportunities to beat the dealer, and get a general idea as to what the odds are for completing any of the three hands. If anticipation is making you inquisitive about this game, go to your favorite online casino with Play´n Go as their software provider, and try this exciting new form of poker for yourself.