Playtech live casino Riga – largest and most advanced!

Having a casino that boasts being one of the biggest in the region is an important thing for the people that own the new Riga Studio live casino. This was built by Playtech in Latvia and opened in the first part of 2017. The casino sits atop the walls of the city of Riga it also is one of the biggest in the region at over 8500 square meters. This, in fact, makes it one of the largest and most advanced in terms of technology casinos in the city. There are a lot of advancements that sets this casino apart from all of the others in the area. One of the biggest thing that sets this apart is the fact that the technology is state of the art and there are cameras that cover all aspects of the casino. Unlike a lot of the casinos in the area that relies on their dealers to come from other schools, Playtech has their own dealer campus where all of the staff that works at the casino can be trained. This makes employee retention and training a lot better than many of the competing casinos.

Playtech Riga Studio

The largest video wall also is part of the new casino that allows the operators to change visuals depending on a theme, a time of the year or even the latest promotion that is running. This allows there to be a much more immersive experience within the casino and helps to ensure that customers that come in as a first time visitor will become a long time person that comes back more and more down the road. You can take comfort in knowing that every spin of a slot machine or every hand that is dealt out will be monitored 24 hours a day allowing for one of the safest and most secure gaming experiences you will find anywhere else.

As mentioned before this also offers a one of a kind experience in the way of training for future dealers. The campus allows for the most state of the art methods to be taught to new and upcoming dealers, this also will help those that are already employed by the company to be retrained and become better at their jobs. This is one of the most detailed and advanced trading places in the area and you will be hard pressed to find anywhere that would give you the same level of training to become a dealer in a casino.

With some of the hottest slot games and some of the best table action anywhere, it is no wonder why the area has seen a boom in the number of people that come to game all the time. Taking the time to head to this casino and check it out for yourself you will quickly see why this is a place that has some of the hottest gaming action anywhere and why more and more people are placing their bets that this will begin a trend in more casinos having to follow suit and try to outdo one another in the way of building casinos.

All of these reasons are why Riga has quickly become the go-to place for people who are looking to take advantage of some of the best gaming in the area. There are more and more people that are hearing about this casino and are heading here to get in on some of the hottest gaming action that the area has to offer. The sooner that you are able to get here, then the better that you will be able to see that the area has become a one-stop for all things gaming in the area.