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Poker developed in the U.S. in the 19th century and has since swept the world. The card game, which combines skill, strategy, and gambling, is a favorite of adolescents, but especially middle-aged men, who play it to make money and improve their strategic skills. Poker is one of the few card games not totally digital; the physical presence of poker games and poker tournaments is popular among the masses and is expected to increase exponentially with the caliber and level maintained. Although it started in the United States, poker enthusiasts and professional players spread worldwide and gather at various global tournaments to show off their skills while filling their pockets.

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1) World Poker Tour Championships

The World Poker Tour Championship is one of the largest and most renowned tournaments. It is relatively older than its counterparts, as it opened in 2002 with a high-profile personality, which contributed to the success of the WPT. Steven Lipscomb is an attorney and television producer who stepped on this venture. During that time, Steven was also performing as the CEO of WPT Enterprise. It fancies various types of poker games. Therefore, the buy-ins vary from $3000-$25000. The tournament is entering its 16th year and will, as always, be shown in 150 countries via the Fox Sports regional network.

2) European Poker Tour

You can think of the European Poker Tour, subsidiary of the World Poker Tour.  Not only does it work in lines similar to that of the WPT, but the sponsors of both tournaments also happen to be the same. The series of tournaments are almost identical. John Duthie, the founder, started this venture in 2004. He also won many laurels in his poker career. The wave that took most games by storm was that of Texas Hold’em, and this tournament was a brainchild of that too. The viewership for this tournament spans almost 974 million people – a reflection of its popularity. When the tournament was held in Berlin in 2010, huge chaos occurred when four masked gunmen entered the tournament premises and robbed people. Parts of the script played until the cameras stopped rolling.

3) World Championship of Online Poker

Our daily life and leisure activities turned into computerized. With poker's online popularity, it makes logical to hold a high-level event online. World Championship of Online Poker came into being in 2002 by PokerStars. One of its tournaments has a series of events with varied prizes and buy-in levels.

4) PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Co-sponsors of the event are PokerStars and WPT. Since 2004, the event has scheduled 50 games over 10 days with a prize pool of over 20 million dollars. To amplify the exoticism, the event takes place on the Atlantic island of Paradise.

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5) World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker came into being in 2004 with the help of Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation. This event takes place every year in Las Vegas and has grown in popularity since its inception. By 2017, it has 74 tournaments featuring popular poker varieties. The winner of the main event becomes the poker champion.

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