5 Signs To Save You From Illegitimate Mobile Casinos

For players looking for a safe mobile gambling experience, finding legitimate sites is not easy. The realm of online gaming can be deceptive. There are many virtual casinos and phone apps available on the market, and it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Unfortunately, many gamblers are too quick in their choices. They go for the spectacle and overlook logistics. Many virtual gaming sites are complete scams, and many more lacks the security necessary to protect important information.

Here are five key warning signs mobile gamblers should look for that will protect them from illegitimate mobile casinos and phone apps.

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Warning Sign #1 – Bad Reviews

Bad reviews are a testament to bad service. Sometimes such reviews come from difficult consumers, but a whole army of bad reviews is a full-on statement. An illegitimate or fake gambling site will leave a trail of disgruntled gamers in its wake.

These gamers will call the site out on numerous message boards, including the ones within smartphone play stores. So pay attention to the feedback. If a site catches only negative responses, it is probably not a good place to do business with.

Legitimate sites will always have positive ratings and reviews. Additionally, any negative feedback will not be about getting scammed. Mostly just logistical problems with access or bonus incentives. So pay attention to what other gamers say about the site in question.

Warning Sign #2 – The Game Catalog

A huge warning sign is the type of game options a site provides. Legitimate sites will carry top-tier games from the best developers. Companies like NetEnt, Play N'Go, Yggdrasil, and Evolution Gaming.

Such companies do not do business with fraudulent sites, so their live casino games will be absent from their catalogs.

Be wary of any site that carries obscure titles from unrecognizable developers. They are either completely fake or low quality companies that do not care who they do business with.

Warning Sign #3 – Updates

Another significant warning sign deals with updates. Game developers are constantly releasing new titles every year. These titles release sporadically, but most top-level companies release two or three per year. They also update their current titles to enhance gameplay.

Illegitimate sites do not carry updates. Even if they manage to get their hands on some older titles by known companies, they will not be able to carry any new ones. So check the last time the site in question has been updated. If it has not seen anything new in a while, it is not a reliable choice.

Warning Sign #4 – Licensing

This is the easiest warning sign to find. Legit casinos and phone apps must bear licensing to operate legally. This licensing comes from gaming authorities in Curacao, the U.K., and Malta. If a site carries licensing, they have satisfied all the requirements necessary to offer safe gameplay. Such information should be very easy to find.

In fact, it should be broadcast all over their welcome page. If a site's information is not listed and hard to find, odds are it is not there. If they do not have proper licensing, then they are not legitimate and cannot be trusted with our business.

Warning Sign #5 – Payouts

Fake casinos and apps have no intention of paying players any money. All they want is to take a player's money. So a warning sign to look for is a site with fast deposit times but restricted cash out period. Most legitimate live casinos make payouts instant.

So if a site takes a few days to process payouts, that is very suspicious. Also, legit payment options will not work with fraudulent companies. So fake sites will most likely not have many payment options.

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