Female Poker Players That Made History

In the past, many people thought that to play poker, you needed to be a man. Those were the rules.

You needed to have balls to have some casino fun. But, today, that is not the case because the times have changed.

Ther are many female poker champions that win world tournaments on a yearly basis, and for that, we are proud.

But who is the best of the best?

Vanessa Selbst – $11 Million

The ultimate champion is Vanessa Selbst.

This woman has been in the casino and poker business for a whopping 12 years now.

The WSOP tournament is like a piece of cake for her because she has won it 3 times (2008, 2012, 2014), and she keeps on striving.

Even though her style of playing is aggressive, she doesn’t mind that and keeps on crushing the poker scene.

And it seems like the other players don’t mind that.

But, no matter how good she was, she officially got out of the professional poker scene in January 2018.

We may not be sure why, but either way, she did leave a mark in poker history.

vanessa selbst

Kathy Liebert – $6 Million

Another champion on our hands is the famous Kathy Liebert.

With the experience of two decades, this woman is winning the casino scene with the way she plays the poker game.

With many fans worldwide, Kathy Liebert was born in the USA.

Maybe that’s how she got her talent and will for poker.

In 2017, she was among the top 50 poker players, according to the WSOP list.

You know that she is crushing the casino scene when you know that in 2002, she has won one million dollars in Texas Hold’Em.

Now that’s an absolute beast!

Annie Duke – $4 Million

Just because she is the last on our list doesn’t mean she is any less worthy than the other players above.

Even though she is a mean and aggressive player, Annie Duke never misses a chance to show her what she got.

And that’s why many people praise her.

But the majority of her colleagues despise her, but it seems she doesn’t care about that.

Her biggest achievement was in 2004 when she won $2 million in Texas Hold’Em on the WSOP tournament.

annie duke

The WSOP tournament is held yearly; these ladies, as I already mentioned, have won and owned it.

They are a daily inspiration for many people (and girls) all over the world because they are doing what they love.

And believe me, they are doing it in the best way it can be done.

We need more people like them, both genders because that’s the only way the casino world will keep awarding us such stars! 

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