Casino Game Craps – How to play!

Craps is an amazingly popular game in casinos for a reason. Here’s some information about how to play this one of a kind game.

Craps table - ok


Many people consider Craps to be one of the most exciting and changeable live casino games you can play for Live Casino. Part of the reason for this is because it’s a game that encourages interaction from bystanders as part of the game. Just about any time you go to play, you’ll see a huge crowd of other people cheering you on since they can benefit from it as well. Plus, it’s now possible to play this game online, which is also a big plus.

Another fortunate thing about this is the fact that there’s no major difference between the online live version and the one that’s done in a physical location.

General Rules

The player is the one who starts things off in Craps, unlike in games like BlackJack where the dealer deals the cards, for example. The Live version of the game has the two dealers where one of them moves the stick around the table and the other throws dice for the player who’s operating things at home. So, even though they aren’t physically throwing the dice, they are the ones who’s managing the bets and it’s their game.

The player, in this case, is called the “shooter,” or online shooter for live dealer games. So, what happens is that everyone puts down their bets. This is done online by just selecting the chips desired with the mouse. After everyone has a bet, the shooter starts things off with what is referred to as the “Come-Out Roll.”

A lot of time is given to the online participants before the round starts so they can move around whatever bets they want. There’s a warning about bets closing so everyone can wrap up whatever they want to do, and then the bets close and no further bets can be made. After this point, the roll is made and then the total from the dice is calculated. The camera will zoom in on the dice so that everyone knows what the total is and there’s no question of anything fraudulent going on.

The round ends if the dice comes up as a 2, a 3, 7, 11 or 12. In the case where the number is 4 through 6,8, 9, or 10, then the dice are rolled again. This keeps going until someone rolls a 7 or a point number comes up.

One of the things that everyone loves about craps is that betting is so fun and complex. Players really can bet in a million different ways, all without even being involved in the bet themselves directly. Examples of this include the Pass Line bet or the Don’t Pass one. Players have to get these in before the dice are rolled. In the case of the Don’t Pass option, players win if a 2 or 3 is rolled, and they lose if there’s a 7 or 11. If the total is 12, then the round just continues, which is called a “push.”

The Pass Line bet equals a total of 7 for a win. The numbers of 2, 3 or 12 mean that there’s a loss on that bet. Any other number means a “point,” which if repeated will stop the roll, otherwise, it keeps going.

There re even more bets available as well, of course, Craps is fairly endless when it comes to these combinations generally.